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Porsche Cayman

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Porsche Cayman Coupe (2013 - 2016)

The new Cayman can no longer be considered just an entry-level Porsche: it’s a highly accomplished sports car that constitutes good value.
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Space, materials, boot size and comfort.

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Porsche has worked hard on the interior design of its cars in the last few years and they’re now up there with the best of the German manufacturers. It doesn’t follow the current trend for cockpit-style wraparound dashboards, but has a more linear, T-shaped layout. The centre console descends from the dashboard, and contains the gear shift lever and the switchgear that affects the car’s driving dynamics – this has a definite motorsport-inspired feel. However, the multitude of buttons strewn across the dashboard and the variety of menus and sub-menus that you often have to scroll through to find what you’re looking for does take the sheen off what is, otherwise, a very lovely place to sit. The leather-covered dash, steering wheel, interior surfaces and seats (where optioned) add a premium ambience. All these elements add up to create a sense of being cossetted and cocooned in a high-quality sports car – which is enhanced when the engine just behind the seats fires up.

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Most popular trims on Auto Trader

987 S
£12,495 to £36,995
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£11,500 to £31,999
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£25,495 to £46,900
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981 S
£29,950 to £46,950
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981 GT4
£67,990 to £84,950
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981 GTS
£43,500 to £58,900
Find 17 cars


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