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McLaren 570S

New from £149,055

  • 2 doors
  • 2 seats
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
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Is the McLaren 570S Coupe a good car?

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Words by: Ivan Aistrop

"The 570S is a bit less technologically sophisticated than McLaren’s other models, but it’s no less enjoyable. The handling is sensational, the ride is comfortable and the engine delivers truly devastating pace. Chuck in the appealing interior and looks that are more exotic than the price tag suggests, and you have a very tempting sports car package."


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How good does it look?


You’d expect any McLaren to look as glamorous and as exotic as anything else on the road, and the 570S delivers. There are some truly breathtaking details on the car, like the P1-inspired LED-strip tail lights, the flying buttresses next to the base of the rear window, and the heavily grooved air channels running down the doors. The doors themselves are pretty cool, as they’re dihedral ones that open in a very theatrical way. The car looks every ounce the supercar, then, but it’s easy to forget that this isn’t really a supercar. It’s a sports car rivalling the Audi R8 and high-end versions of the Porsche 911. Compare the 570S with those cars aesthetically, and it looks (to our eye, at least) like a far more expensive machine.

Standard equipment

Expect the following equipment on your McLaren 570S Coupe. This may vary between trim levels.

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