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Fiat 500X

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Fiat 500X Hybrid (2022 - )

Fiat launched the 500X in 2014 to cash in on the image of its massively successful 500 city car and capitalise on the popular compact crossover market. A stylish exterior gives it a fun character with enough space inside for the average small family. The introduction of a hybrid version adds a more powerful engine and the ability to cover small parts of a journey without the engine running. It's unlikely to make a massive difference to your weekly fuel bill, but every bit helps.
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The pricing of the Fiat 500X Hybrid makes it more expensive to buy than the smaller 1.0-litre engined model, so the price of admission alone is higher. The official fuel economy figure shows that, while it does use less petrol, it isn't a great deal better than the 1.0-litre and the smaller engine concedes only 10 horsepower. The hybrid does admittedly reduce emissions to 129g/km - versus 149g/km for the pure petrol engine - and drops it down one tax band, which also has benefits if you're a company car driver. At least the hybrid system isn't an especially complicated one, so you won't need to undertake additional maintenance or do anything differently from a regular petrol car. However, it's worth noting that the 500X doesn't have as strong residual values as some competitors, which could make the total cost of ownership higher in the end.

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