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Bike Reviews and News

The latest bike reviews and news from our team


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  • Learning to ride

    All you need to know about learning to ride - from mopeds to motorcycles and the different types of licence.

  • Motorcycle training schools

    MCIAC accredited training school directory - you can be assured of high standards of training and customer service at each one of these.

  • Selling your bike

    How to prepare and advertise your bike to get the best value, dealing with buyers and what paperwork you need

  • Bike ownership

    Advice on every aspect of running your bike, from saving money on your insurance to preparing it for winter.

  • New Riders

    Expert reviews of bikes suitable for AM, A1 and A2 licences.

  • Bike Finance

    Finance can be confusing, which is why we are here to help you pick the right bike finance for you

  • Bike Insurance

    Bike insurance can be confusing, which is why we've created these guides to help clear up any questions...

  • Best Used Bikes

    All you need to know about used bikes.

  • Electric Bikes

    All you need to know about electric bikes

  • Electric Bike Reviews

    Latest reviews of electric bikes from our experts

  • World EV Day

    Auto Trader have partnered with World EV Day