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Mustang Mach-E video preview

Rory Reid previews the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford's new electric SUV, as it arrives in London.

Rory Reid, real-world member of the ‘Stang Gang, previews the new Mustang Mach-E – Ford’s first proper production EV.
At a glance, the Mach-E promises a great range of 370 miles and should come in at around £40k – which, for an EV with this level of features, isn’t too bad.
Mustang Mach-E design
Fans of Mustangs should definitely check the full video out, as the Mach-E leans heavily into the Mustang styling.
There’s that long nose – kept for styling and to channel the spirit of Mustangs, and a swooping roofline for a coupe-look that doesn’t sacrifice headroom for aesthetics, even with a sunroof. Getting up close, the Mach-E is all smoothed off and there’s no grille, to help aerodynamic efficiency. They’ve even removed the door handles, as the car can sense when you (and your key) are near, so you only have to press a button to unlock. You can even use your mobile phone as a key, or a four-digit code to get in the car and another code to start it – very futuristic!
Mustang Mach-E features
First up, this is probably the first time a Mustang has had a proper boot: 400 litres of boot space in the back and 100 litres in the front as there’s no need for engines in electric cars.
Inside, there’s a unique cabin that stands out from other Fords and Mustangs – watch our preview to find out how. There’s a brand-new dashboard with an integrated B&O soundbar, and everything is viewed and controlled through the display so it’s a streamlined and intuitive control system. The screen itself, as you’ll see, is bigger than in a Tesla Model 3, and it includes everything from heating, maps, entertainment in one place.
How does the Mustang Mach-E drive?
EVs and Mustangs are both known for being, amongst other things, rapid in a straight line, but did the Mustang EV meet expectations in the acceleration test?
You know how to find out. Want more access to UK previews, coming soons and reviews? Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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