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Mercedes AMG C63 video preview

Rory takes an in-depth look at the E-Power hybrid powertrains that will power the next Mercedes-AMG C63, GT73 and more.

Published on 18 May 2021 | 0 min read

For those that missed the news: AMG is officially going electric, and that includes the upcoming replacement for the Mercedes-AMG C63.
AMG is set to release two new drivetrains: one hybrid and one full electric. Find out which models will be sporting these new drivetrains, and what sorts of performance you can expect from them, in our latest video preview.

Mercedes-AMG C63 hybrid powertrains

The hybrids will sit under the E Performance umbrella. You’ll get two versions of this: one that uses a two-litre, four-cylinder internal combustion engine and another that uses a four-litre V8.
Both are attached to batteries and motors, with the electric motors driving both the front and back axles. Their 0-62mph times are unconfirmed, but AMG say the fastest models will cover that sprint in less than 3 seconds. To further boost performance, AMG has borrowed technology from F1. Instead of using normal turbos, they’re going to use the motor generator unit heat (MGUH) from the Mercedes Formula 1 cars. These give you big power with no lag.

Mercedes-AMG C63 hybrid design

Many hybrids put the electric motor between the engine and the transmission, meaning there tends to be a lot of weight up front. However, AMG has gone a different route.
The engine is at the front, but other elements like the electric motor, the two-speed motor transmission and the electronic limited slip differential are all positioned on the rear axle for better weight distribution and, as an added bonus, connecting the motor directly to the rear axle should result in instant acceleration.

Mercedes-AMG C6 all-wheel drive

AMG’s next generation will also feature a fully variable all-wheel drive system.
The internal combustion engine will send power front or back, and the electric motor will do exactly the same by shunting torque via the prop shaft to the front wheels if the rear wheels aren't getting enough traction. This means you could have all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and even front-wheel drive depending on what the system thinks is best. There’s plenty more to be said on AMG’s new powertrains, including some pretty eye-watering stats, so be sure to hit play for the full story, and subscribe for more great videos.

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