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Lister LFT-C 666 video review

The Lister LFT-C 666 is a tuned, even faster version of the already ballistically quick Jaguar F-Type R that costs almost £140,000. Rory Reid finds out whether this demonic sportscar is worth the money.

With its rip-roaring supercharged V8 engine, ear-splitting exhaust sound and exaggerated proportions, the Jaguar F-Type R Convertible is one of the more extreme drop-tops you can buy. If it’s still not extreme enough for you, British sportscar brand Lister – which has a long-running association with Jaguar – will sell you something, well, a bit more devilish: the Lister LFT-C 666. Think of it as an F-Type R turned up to 11.
Lister LFT-C 666 engine
What’s the recipe for this most demonic of F-Types? Well, first, engine tweaks that liberate even more power. Where the standard car has 550 horsepower, the LFT-C 666 has changes including a custom intercooler that bump the output up to 676 horsepower (666bhp). We’re talking supercar levels of power and acceleration here – enough to make the Lister a true ‘Lambo Killer’. 0-60mph acceleration time drops from 3.9 seconds to just 3.2 seconds. Top speed is a frankly barmy 205mph (up from 186mph).
There’s more torque than you get with a Porsche 911 Turbo and, as you’d expect, the LFT-C 666 pulls like a train, in any gear. To keep things under control, four-wheel drive comes as standard, while the wheels and suspension are upgraded over the standard F-Type R.
Lister LFT-C 666 design
A range of cosmetic changes give the Lister a lairy makeover to match, with yellow stripes, bespoke badges, a large rear diffuser and a carbon fibre splitter at the front. The cabin gets splashes of yellow, too, as well as bespoke Bridge of Weir leather upholstery.
Oh, and then there’s the sound. Did we mention the sound? Everyone knows the F-Type is one of the loudest cars around. The LFT-C 666 turns up the volume even higher. If the standard car is already at 11, this thing must be in the teens. Is all of this worth an eyewatering £139,000? Watch Rory Reid’s video review to find out. Don't forget to subscribe to Auto Trader’s YouTube channel for more!

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