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Alpine A110S video review: More power, less fun?

The Alpine A110S is a sporty car blessed with plenty of power and a few interesting tweaks on the standard model. Find the Alpine A110S price, specs and more in our video review.

Alpine A110S specs and price
The Alpine A110S is the newest version of Alpine’s lightweight sports car. It comes with a few interesting tweaks over the standard model, including a £56,000 price tag (about £10,000 more than the standard car), new suspension, better brakes as standard, new wheels and wider tyres.
The A110S uses the same 1.8-litre turbocharged engine as standard car, but for the S version they’ve cranked up the turbocharger boost pressure by 0.4 bar, so it makes more power than ever. Peak output is now 292PS, a big improvement on the 252PS you get from the normal A110.
Alpine A110S outside a building
Alpine A110S is a lightweight, powerful sports car
Alpine A110S by the coast
Alpine A110S price: £56,000
Alpine A110S performance
The way the Alpine A110S delivers its power is different, too. You have to work slightly harder for it. Peak power has been moved higher up the rev range - 6,400RPM as opposed to 6,000RPM. This means maximum thrust happens later, so you really have to work for it.
Unsurprisingly, the ride and handling have been tweaked slightly for this sportier model. The normal A110’s suspension is almost comically soft, whereas this A110S is firm, having clearly been optimized for use on the track. But that’s not to say it’s a bone-shattering drive on real roads. The damping - i.e. the way the suspension controls itself as it compresses and rebounds - is fantastic. It just soaks up bumps like a sponge thanks to its use of double wishbone suspension on all four corners.
Alpine A110S
Alpine A110S's rev range is 6,400RPM
Alpine A110S
Alpine A110S has a 1.8-litre turbocharged engine
Alpine A110S interior
Being a sports car, the A110S has fewer creature comforts than many alternative sports cars. It has two boots, but both are laughably small, no glove box, only one cupholder, no door pockets and the infotainment technology seems a step behind what we’d expect from a modern car.
Fundamentally then, the A110S is a car designed for driving pleasure, perhaps at the expense of comfort. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Any ingredients that weren’t totally necessary have been left out, leaving a perfectly focused driving machine. And in the A110S, that recipe is mixed arguably to the point of perfection. Take a look at our video review to see it in action, and don’t forget to head to our YouTube channel to subscribe so you never miss the action.
Alpine A110S steering wheel
Alpine A110S steering wheel
Alpine A110S interior
Alpine A110S interior

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