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Used Car Heroes: We reveal the winner

Our search for Britain's favourite used car is over - but which of our 15 contenders did you crown as the overall winner? Watch our final film to find out.

After an extensive search, our mission to find your favourite Used Car Hero of 2015 is finally over. We gathered together some of the best, most interesting, and iconic used cars we could find on - and then asked you to vote for them.
With 15 videos to watch, there were obviously plenty to choose from, but we gave you all of November to watch the films and tell us which cars took your fancy. You even made a few suggestions for cars that we can look at next time around. We then spent a couple of weeks poring through all of your comments, reading what you thought about each of our contenders, and tallying up the thousands of votes, firstly to come up with the winner of each three-car shootout, and then to crown an overall champion. The results definitely threw up some surprises, but in most cases, the ones we loved most, you did, too. Things were really close, though: the winner in the top price point was decided by just eight votes; and, things were just as hard fought at the bottom of the table, with the Ford SportKa narrowly avoiding the wooden spoon (which went to the Toyota Land Cruiser) by a solitary vote. There was no question about the overall winner though, which we reveal below.
Used Car Heroes: £1000 - £3000
Used Car Heroes: £3000 - £6000
Our five categories' winners:
Less than £1000
Winner: Mercedes 190E £1000 - £3000 Winner: Toyota MR2 £3000 - £6000 Winner: Honda Civic Type R EP3 £6000 - £10,000 Winner: Porsche Cayenne Turbo £10,000 - £15,000 Winner: Maserati Quattroporte
Used Car Heroes: £6000 - £10,000
Used Car Heroes: £10,000 - £15,000
Used Car Hero 2015 winner: Mercedes Benz 190E
So, now you know our final five, it's time for us to reveal the overall winner: one of the most interesting, stylish and affordable cars of the lot, the mighty Mercedes 190E. It won by a wide margin, beating its nearest challenger by over 100 votes.
Forebear of the C-Class as we know it today, the 190E - or W201, if you know your model codes - was a turning point in the history of Mercedes, one of the many cars that cemented the company's reputation for quality, style, and motorsport pedigree. Now, you can snap the 'Baby Benz' up for as little as £1000 and, because so many of you voted it as your Used Car Hero, we have done a buying guide to give you five things to check, if do fancy picking one up in the classifieds. We also took the same pristine 190E from our first video down to Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, to meet a few of its more recent successors, to celebrate its victory in style, and to add a few more miles to the 205,000 it has already covered. We even went out on track with the new twin-turbo V8 C63 AMG. Read our owner reviews of the Mercedes 190E... Search for a Mercedes 190E in our classifieds...
Used Car Hero 2015: Mercedes Benz 190E
Used Car Hero 2015: Mercedes Benz 190E
Used Car Hero 2015: Mercedes Benz 190E
Used Car Hero 2015: Mercedes Benz 190E

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