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Audi S8 quick review

Rory Reid explains why the Audi S8 might just be the best car in the world.

In his latest video review, Rory Reid gets behind the wheel of the Audi S8. On paper, it might just be one of the best cars in the world. Watch to see why…

Audi S8 at a glance

The Audi S8 is essentially a sportier version of the Audi A8. It’s very similar to the existing model, save a slightly different set of wheels, a slightly more aggressive front and quad exhaust pipes.

Audi S8 interior

The Audi S8 comes with all the luxury touches you’d expect. It’s typical Audi, with superlative build quality, lovely materials and plenty of tech, including the excellent virtual cockpit, which shows map data on the instrument display directly in front of the driver
The Audi S8 is amazingly quiet inside. Audi has taken the sound-deadening technology to new extremes, and includes touches like foam inside the tyres, which reduces road noise. The S8 also uses active engine mounts to absorb vibrations from the engine so you don’t feel or hear unwanted vibrations, utilises the sound system’s speakers to eliminate bothersome frequencies. Essentially, the car will works like a giant pair of noise-cancelling headphones to reduce unwanted noise, all while retaining the characteristic engine tone.

Audi S8 engine and top speed

Speaking of engines, the Audi S8 uses a 4-litre twin turbo V8 with nearly 600hp. It’s the same 4-litre 600hp V8 you’d find in the latest Lamborghini Urus. Unsurprisingly, the results are explosive.
The torque is phenomenal, too. At 650Nm, it always feels alert and willing to launch itself at the horizon.

Audi S8 suspension and power

It’s a bold claim, but according to Rory, the Audi S8 may have the best suspension system bar none.
The Audi S8 is fitted with a predictive suspension system that uses a camera to scan the road ahead and look for speed bumps. When it sees a one, the suspension system automatically adjusts itself within half a to allow you to cruise over that bump with the passengers barely noticing a thing.

Audi S8 technology

The Audi S8’s tech goes beyond simply being cool – it can genuinely have a positive effect on your day-to-day life.
For instance, the suspension doesn’t just compensate for speed bumps – it raises the car by around two inches when you touch the door handle, making it easier to get inside. There’s loads of tech in the back too, which is quite fitting for a car that’s as much a limo as it is a driver’s car. Beyond the optional rear seat entertainment package, you get a handheld screen that allows rear passengers to play with the climate control, the entertainment system and the blinds.

Audi S8 handling

Despite being such a big car, the Audi S8 doesn’t let itself down where handling is concerned
You’ve got power, speed and suspension, but you’ve also got a couple of other cool tricks like all-wheel steering. The car can turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front wheels to help minimise the turning circle or turn them in the same direction as the front wheels to maintain stability at higher speeds. If you leave your Audi S8 in comfort mode, it’ll either do its best to keep the suspension as flat as possible (to minimise body roll) or, at certain speeds, actively lean into the corners.

Audi S8 summary

The Audi S8, simply put, is a phenomenal limo that blends exceptional comfort with mind-boggling performance and suspension technology.
The Audi S8 delivers on all its key metrics, then goes beyond them by being ridiculously good fun to drive. Well worth a look.

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