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Private Sales


The private valuations is how we suggest pricing your car when selling it to another person.



An indication of how much the car would cost if bought from a dealer.



The part-exchange price is an estimate of what you might get when you part-exchange your car for another from a dealer.

How do we value your car?

  • Auto Trader

    Over 400,000 used car listings analysed every day

  • Dealer Websites

    Pricing data from over 3,500 car dealership websites

  • Car Auctions

    Price data from major car auctions

  • Fleet and Leasing

    Information on fleet and leasing disposal prices

Taking data from the AutoTrader website, Car auctions and fleet and leasing prices.

Your Free Valuation

Because the used-car market changes quickly, we update our valuations every day - giving you a realistic idea of what your car's worth