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Tourer bikes for sale

With 731 Tourer bikes available on Auto Trader, we have the best range of bikes for sale across the UK.


Latest second hand Tourer bikes for sale

Frequently asked questions

  • This answer depends on the type of motorcycle that you are buying. Touring motorcycles, for instance, are built for long-distance rides and long-term use, so they can afford to have a few more miles on the clock. On average, however, a motorcycle starts pushing its limits at around 50,000 miles on average.

  • Touring motorcycles are defined primarily by their ability to accommodate riders on long-distance rides. As such, they’re made partially by their large size and their powerful engines. However, this is also true of cruisers. As such, touring motorcycles are also defined by their cargo space, their comfort, and their ability to accommodate an extra passenger.

  • Touring motorcycles are largely considered best for long distance due to their power, size, cargo carrying abilities, comfort, and how many passengers they can fit. The BMW R1200 RT is widely considered one of the best touring bikes.

  • There are different factors that will limit how many miles you can ride per day on a motorcycle, including the type and condition of the road, the type of motorcycle, and gear you’re wearing. However, most riders can average around 280 miles in a day for long-distance treks.