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Used scooters for sale

With over 1,500 used scooters available on Auto Trader, we have the best range of scooters for sale across the UK.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Though purists may disagree, scooters are technically classified as a type of motorcycle. Don’t be surprised if many discount them from the conversation, however.

  • Two immediate key differences between scooters and motorcycles is that they have a step-through frame, and a platform for the rider’s feet. This allows people to sit on a scooter, rather than having to straddle it. Furthermore, scooter engines tend to be smaller, so they also tend to be less powerful than motorcycles.

  • This is a matter of preference, as some people do love the seating position of being on a motorcycle. However, thanks to its accessibility and the fact that the ride can sit back with ease and keep their feet on a solid surface, scooters are largely considered more comfortable.

  • The answer to this question largely depends on the specs of the scooter. 50cc scooters, for instance, cannot legally be used on the motorway, but 125cc scooters can. Even if you do have a scooter that’s legally allowed on the motorway, it’s recommended that you get motorway safety training to ensure confidence.