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Custom Cruiser bikes for sale

With 1,640 Custom Cruiser bikes available on Auto Trader, we have the best range of bikes for sale across the UK.


Latest second hand Custom Cruiser bikes for sale

Frequently asked questions

  • Cruiser motorcycles are a definition that applies to bikes modelled after American brands popular in the 1930s-50s, with the Harley Davidson perhaps being the most popular amongst them. They are famous for their riding position which puts the hands up and the feet forward, often with a backward lean to the seat, as well as their wide handlebars. They are primarily known for their easy rideability, accessible shifting, and low-end torque, though they rarely meet the horsepower expected of other types of bikes like sports bikes.

  • Touring bikes can look a lot like cruisers, given that both are large, powerful bikes that are easy to ride, especially on the highway. However, touring motorcycles are built more specifically for long-distance rides, and are outfitted as such. They have more cargo room, are ergonomically designed to make them more comfortable on long rides, and tend to have room to an additional rider with two-up seats.

  • Cruisers are relatively easy to ride and to shift, though they are, on average, quite large. There are smaller cruiser bikes that are easier to handle, however, which can be a good fit for a beginner. The Keeway Superlight 125 is a good example of a cruiser suitable for A1 licence holders.

  • The Yamaha V-Star 250 Cruiser is considered not only one of the more beginner friendly bikes of this kind due to its smaller size, but it’s also thought to be one of the best examples of what makes a cruiser bike. This 250cc motorcycle is praised for its maneuverability, good mileage per gallon, and a comfort low seat that keeps the ride straight backed and comfortable, perhaps for flat open roads.