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5 Best petrol vans

If you’re thinking about buying a new or used petrol van, what are the best models to consider? Read on as we roundup the top choices available today…

As the anti-diesel movement gathers pace, more and more van owners are thinking about ditching diesel and making the switch back to vehicles that sip from the green pump. The good news? Petrol technology has come a long way over the last few years, with many modern petrol vans offering a compelling mix of economy and power. Indeed, some even come close to matching the claimed efficiency of their diesel counterparts, meaning you can say goodbye to diesel with little compromise.
1. Citroen Berlingo
Although diesel still dominates the Citroen van range, it’s possible to purchase the French firm’s popular Berlingo with the punchy yet economical 1.2 litre PureTech petrol engine. Offering 110bhp and torque of 205Nm at 1,750rpm, there’s enough power for most driving situations, while the claimed economy stands at 36.7 to 44.07mpg, which is definitely impressive on paper.
Aside from the engine, the petrol Berlingo offers the same practical loadbay, comfortable cabin and car-like driving experience as any other Berlingo. That means a generous payload of up to 940kg in the standard panel van, and a user-friendly dashboard with intuitive touchscreen display. A superb allrounder, it’s little surprise that the Berlingo is a firm favourite amongst tradesmen and delivery firms up and down the country. It’s definitely one to consider if you’re looking for a small petrol van with generous carrying capacity. Find a Citroen Berlingo here.
2. Peugeot Partner
The Peugeot Partner shares most of its parts with the Citroen Berlingo, meaning you can expect to find the same spacious loadbay and broadly similar driving experience as its French stablemate, including an identical 1.2 litre PureTech petrol engine. Indeed, park the two next to each other and they’re quite hard to tell apart, with the badge and different grill being the main tell-tale signs.
While your choice might ultimately come down to familiarity or the proximity of your nearest dealer, there are a couple of differences to keep in mind. The Partner features a different dashboard to the Citroen model and comes with a smaller steering wheel with dials set above them. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, so be sure to take a test drive before committing to buy. Find a Peugeot Partner here.
Peugeot Partner
Peugeot Partner
3. Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen has always had a reputation for making vehicles that are a cut above the rest, and the Volkswagen Caddy van is no exception, with a feeling of quality and a car-like driving experience that few rivals can match.
While those qualities might not always be the top priority for van buyers, they will certainly be appreciated by drivers covering colossal yearly mileages. Besides, the Caddy offers a number of other things that make it a top petrol choice, including a respectable 736kg maximum payload and torque yet economical 1.0 TSI turbocharged petrol engine. The advertised fuel economy is up to 51mpg, but you can expect a little less than that in the real world. Overall, it’s a great choice for anyone requiring an economical small van. Find a Volkswagen Caddy here.
Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Caddy
4. Ford Fiesta Van
They say that good things come in small packages, and that’s something that definitely applies to the Ford Fiesta van. While the 508kg capacity is a little less than you’ll find in most rivals, the Fiesta makes up for this by offering an incredibly fun driving experience and quality feel. Indeed, from behind the wheel, it’s hard to tell you’re not driving the regular supermini.
The Fiesta’s petrol engine impresses, too. The EcoBoost 1.0 unit is turbocharged, meaning it offers powerful performance mixed with outstanding claimed fuel economy of up to 67.3 mpg. With a maximum of 170Nm of torque, there’s certainly enough oomph to make rapid progress, too. Providing you don’t need lots of space, it’s a top choice. Find a Ford Fiesta van here.
Ford Fiesta Van
Ford Fiesta Van
5. Ford Transit Connect
Fancy experiencing the Fiesta’s impressive driving characteristics but need a little more space? The Ford Transit Connect could prove to be your ideal companion.
Offering a payload of up to 662kg, the Transit Connect is a hugely popular small van with a decent load capacity, comfortable cabin and decent on-paper economy. Its petrol engine is the same as the one in the Fiesta, meaning it offers up to 170Nm of torque at 1,400-4,000rpm, with an official fuel economy of up to 44.1mpg. This is certainly respectable and not too far away from what you might expect to get in a diesel-powered model, meaning you can buy without compromising on running costs. Add in the comfortable cabin and it’s easy to see why they are so popular. Find a Ford Transit Connect here.
Ford Transit Connect
Ford Transit Connect

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