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5 Best vans for florists

The van of choice for flower deliveries needs to be adaptable with enough height for taller arrangements and versatile options in the rear to allow for peg systems or racking. Short city runs mean that an economical option is both essential and possible with the following five picks of our best vans for florists.

The cut flower market has bloomed in recent years and with impressive growth is now worth an estimated £2.2 billion.
Online orders are rising sharply with the internet accounting for 16% of business in 2009, 20% in 2015 and this is expected to reach 30% by 2027. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that further as restricted relatives and locked-down lovers shift their bouquet buying online. There are around 7,000 independent florists in the UK. Strong brand image is all-important in this increasingly competitive marketplace. A stylish van with the opportunity to display logos, contact details and website information is a must. Space for a stunning vehicle wrap to be best displayed will convey the right message - from impromptu expressions of gratitude, apologies or affection to special occasions to the more staid arrangements required for funerals. A requirement to keep cut flowers refrigerated may also mean that standard air conditioning in the delivery van isn’t quite enough. Flowers last half as long at 20 degrees celsius as they do at 10. So the ability to convert the storage area to a chilled environment is a consideration for florists who transport stock or deliver display over significant distances.
1. Renault Kangoo
The Renault Kangoo is a smart option with its cubic looks, comfortable cab, and impressive storage combined in a light commercial vehicle.
The Kangoo comes as a standard-length van or as a Maxi long-wheelbase version which offers the option of a second row of seats. For the green florist, the latest Kangoos come in a class-leading electric version. If you're the funky type of flower seller, then check out the Kangoo BeBop which has a sliding rear roof. Never available in large numbers, you may be hard-pressed to find one but the model does show what can be possible with a Kangoo. Find a Renault Kangoo here.
2. Volkswagen Crafter
For the business which needs more space up back, the Volkswagen Crafter is a great choice. Because it’s a VW, build quality is a given with a solid feel and a smooth ride.
The award-winning Crafter more than matches its main rivals - the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit. The Crafter comes in plenty of variants with engine options and the latest technological and safety features to be found on any van on the market. The Crafter cab is roomy with plenty of space for paperwork, drinks and all the other paraphernalia required for a delivery business. The Crafter can accommodate larger loads or several euro pallets and features a sliding side door for ease of loading. Find a Volkswagen Crafter here.
Volkswagen Crafter
Volkswagen Crafter
3. The Vauxhall Corsa Van
The Corsa supermini has been with us since the 1980s so it stands to reason that its many revisions, facelifts and versions have stood the test of time.
For the florist who does not need to carry large loads for daily drops to domestic customers, the Corsa Van makes perfect sense. It’s super compact and manoeuvrable around town. Though the Corsa Van was discontinued in 2019, it means that the used market is awash with value options. Find a Vauxhall Corsa here.
4. Ford Transit Connect
The Ford Transit Connect is based on the original Transit crossed with a Focus. Designed for a city environment, the qualities which have made the Transit the workhorse of business for over half a century have been combined with the driveability of a smaller vehicle.
The Transit Connect is offered with two payloads - 2.9 cubic metres and 3.6 metres. It’s also high enough to handle larger and taller floral arrangements. Available with or without side and rear windows, the Transit Connect can be configured and fitted to meet the specialised needs of a flower shop. Find a Ford Transit Connect here.
Ford Transit Connect
Ford Transit Connect
5. Nissan NV200
The Nissan NV200 has been with us for over a decade and was launched as a sizable, functional van which has been configured so that it can be used as a people mover vehicle with seven seats. Nissan calls the NV200 a "right-sized" commercial vehicle. That is, one that is aimed at urban use and for commercial drivers on a budget.
This compact van has a low floor and dual sliding doors which makes it easy for loading and unloading flower arrangements. The NV200 is a little longer than the Ford Transit Connect and slightly lower. Smart styling and a bold grille with wrap around headlights give the NV200 a modern look. For a floristry business to bloom a decent set of wheels is increasingly essential. The vans listed above can all be upfitted to best suit individual requirements in order deliver that stunning bouquet with a flourish. Find a Nissan NV200t here.

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