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10 Best value Euro 6 vans

Since 2015, any van sold within the European Union must meet the Euro 6 emissions standards. Here are the best value Euro 6 models to consider.

The continued post-Brexit negotiations are unlikely to have any impact on the application of Euro 6 to ensure there is a common standard across the continent.
European standards on emissions began in 1992 to ensure vehicle manufacturers keep harmful exhaust pollutants below specific limits. Euro 6 is the sixth iteration of such regulations. An investment in a Euro 6 van is a sensible one. Not only are the vehicles exempt from charges applied to Low Emissions Zones, but they are also less expensive to run and better for the environment than their predecessors. All are Euro 6 compliant but you should always check by entering the details into the emissions look-up tool on the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) website or the vehicle’s registration papers.
1. Ford Transit Custom
No longer the white van which built Britain, the Ford Transit is now a range of vehicles rather than the all too familiar panel van. The Custom is the short and medium wheelbase variety in the current family of four Transits. The Custom is offered in two lengths and two heights. It can be configured as a five-seat cab van or the Kombi crew option which can seat nine people. The Custom is the most popular Transit and continues to top the best-selling lists.
Find a Ford Transit Custom here.
2. Mercedes-Benz Vito
The Mercedes-Benz Vito is an excellent mid-size all-rounder, with car-like handling and some excellent technological features on board. Available as a panel van or crew cab, the Vito is available in three lengths. It will carry a max payload of 1200kg and simply because the Vito is also intended as an upmarket people carrier, it drives like a dream and the very presence of a Merc badge upfront will say a lot about the business driving it and the goods within.
Find a Mercedes-Benz Vito here.
3. Vauxhall Combo
An all-round performer, the Vauxhall Combo is practical and efficient. It has a load-space of 3,400 litres and a payload of 750kg. Fuel economy is generally excellent across all engines and the ride and handling are as good as you’ll get in the small van class.
Find a Vauxhall Combo here.
4. Renault Trafic
The Renault Trafic has won plenty of awards in its long life in the medium-sized sector. With a comfortable, spacious interior and a carrying capacity of up to 8,400 litres, the Trafic is ideal for businesses that regularly carry larger loads but who don’t require the highest possible payloads. There's plenty of options available on the used market making it possible to bag a bargain.
Find a Renault Trafic here.
5. Peugeot Expert
The Peugeot Expert was relaunched in 2016. Thanks to its car-derived platform, the Expert is a very enjoyable van to drive. The Expert comes in three body lengths and three gross vehicle weight (GVW) options, but only a single roof height.
Find a Peugeot Expert here.
Peugeot Expert
Peugeot Expert
6. Iveco Daily
Particularly popular with businesses carrying out lengthy urban multi-stop deliveries, the Iveco Daily is the largest panel van on the market. Iveco’s background as a truck manufacturer makes the Daily unique in that the body is separately built onto the chassis beneath. With a GVW rating of 7.2 tonnes, the Daily can carry more than any other large van and is ideally suited for heavy-duty and towing activities.
Find a Iveco Daily here.
Iveco Daily
Iveco Daily
7. Renault Kangoo
Compact and versatile, the Renault Kangoo is popular with delivery drivers and builders thanks to its efficient engines and comfortable ride. Well-built, nicely styled and with a Maxi version that fits a surprising amount, with enough room for a Euro pallet, the Kangoo rivals the bigger Transit Custom meaning it’s a cheaper alternative to a mid-range van.
Find a Renault Kangoo here.
8. Vauxhall Vivaro
The latest Vauxhall Vivaro is popular with tradespeople and delivery drivers. The Vivaro boasts a flexible load bay and a 1.3-tonne payload. Even the standard model will carry three Euro Pallets. With a spacious load interior, efficient yet perky diesel engines and car-like handling, the Vivaro is a British-built workhorse with units manufactured in Luton (many models proudly carry a Union Jack on the back).
Find a Vauxhall Vivaro here.
Vauxhall Vivaro
Vauxhall Vivaro
9. Volkswagen Transporter T6
The Transporter T6 is a VW so it goes without saying that it’s a refined, solid and dependable drive. The efficient T6 is a popular medium-sized van, capable of carrying maximum payloads of 1.3 tonnes. A large range of body configurations, plenty of standard equipment and a clean, functional look, the Transporter T6 looks the business with a grille, bumper and headlight combo which marks it out as very much VW’s flagship van.
Find a Volkswagen Transporter T6 here.
Volkswagen Transporter T6
Volkswagen Transporter T6
10. Fiat Doblo
Capable, practical and highly adaptable, the Fiat Doblo is a well tested compact van with chunky looks. The Doblo range boasts one of the widest choices of load volume and transporting capacity in the small van market. There are short and long-wheelbase versions with low and high-roof models and crew versions. The Doblo has established itself as one of the most practical and affordable options for those carrying lighter amounts, though the largest XL model can fit in as much as some in the medium van segment.
Find a Fiat Doblo here.

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