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Burstner Ixeo TL 728 G Review Review 1 year ago

Burstner Ixeo TL 728 G review

Ease of accessibility and more means the Ixeo TL 728 G is four berths of accommodation excellence, bringing design and functionality together for holidays to remember.
Swift Select Review Review 1 year ago

Swift Select review

Swift's seemingly humble three-berth Select could be the key to unlocking adventures anywhere thanks to easy driving and panel van practicality.
Advice 1 year ago

Driving your motorhome in cold weather

Winter breaks can be fantastic for festive feelings during the worst weather. The trouble is, driving in the depths of our chilly winter months can be challenging, that's why we are here to help...
Advice 1 year ago

How To Get Your Motorhome Ready for Winter

AutoTrader Motorhomes can help you to ensure your motorhome is ready for winter and keep it looking good. Try these tips to keep your motorhome well maintained during the cold weather...
Feature 1 year ago

How to run a business from a campervan

Could you run a successful business while on the road in your campervan? Lauren and Robin, founders of The Hendersons vintage shop do! Auto Trader chats to them and discovers how they make they're Ford Transit conversion work...
Campervans – hire before you buy Guide 1 year ago

Campervans – hire before you buy

Whether it’s brand new or secondhand, buying your first campervan is a pretty big deal and there’s a lot to consider before you pick up the keys. Before you commit to buying one, why not hire one first?
Bailey Alliance 59-2 Review Review 1 year ago

Bailey Alliance 59-2 Review

The Bailey Alliance 59-2 is one of the latest offerings from the Bristol-based manufacturer and it’s sure to appeal to all ages – even those who are new to owning a motorhome.
How to write a Motorhome advert… Advice 1 year ago

How to write a Motorhome advert…

It's important you write your advert as well as possible because a good advert can help you to sell your motorhome faster and for more money. Good photos are essential to the success of your sale, but so is the description of the vehicle on your advert. Here's our guide to help you write the perfect advert...
Mercedes-Benz Polo review Review 1 year ago

Mercedes-Benz Polo review

There’s no denying that this is a posh campervan but is it worth the cash – or are you paying for the badge?
Britain's best motorway services Guide 1 year ago

Britain's best motorway services

We all know it’s as much about the journey as the destination – and when you’re driving a motorhome, a decent stop off is essential. Owning a motorhome is a passport to freedom – you can take to the road at a moment’s notice and be waking up to a different view every single weekend if you choose. Driving your home on wheels is no mean feat though, and finding the right place to stop off for a cuppa can make or break the journey.
Volkswagen California Review 1 year ago

Volkswagen California Review

You don’t need to be a hippy to enjoy Volkswagen’s California but you’ll definitely need a sense of adventure.
Mastering a motorhome: Swift Kon-tiki Guide 1 year ago

Mastering a motorhome

Motorhomes and campervans come in all shapes and sizes, from compact to enormous. If you’ve never driven anything bigger than a family hatchback before, it’s perfectly understandable to be curious, or maybe apprehensive, about what driving something that’s also your holiday home from home is going to be like.
Advice 2 years ago

Is a campervan or motorhome best for you?

Campervans and motorhomes instantly conjure up visions of road trips, surfing and freedom. It’s a cool image that’s hard to beat, right? But what’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome, and which is best?