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C91F8A5B-C9A0-4759-8AD1-68A73637DDC2 Created with sketchtool. Selling Vans since 2006
C91F8A5B-C9A0-4759-8AD1-68A73637DDC2 Created with sketchtool. Sell in 3 simple steps

Sell your van fast

Put your van in front of 850,000 buyers

Top tips on selling your van

Frequently asked questions

  • There are several options available to van sellers, and which suits you depends on whether you’re looking to sell quickly or get the best price. Whether you choose to sell to a dealer, put it up for auction, sell online, or stick a sign in the window and hope is up to you.

  • If you’re ready to sell your van, take a look at our free guides to preparing your van for sale, creating an , and staying safe in a private van sale. A clean van with a fair asking price and an up-to-date MOT and service history will likely sell fast. Making sure you have all the relevant documents and receipts to hand will also help make your sale as efficient as possible.

  • You can’t sell a van on outstanding finance. Before you sell your van, you’ll need to contact the finance company and ask for a settlement figure. You’ll need to pay this in full, plus any early repayment and admin fees.

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