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Peugeot e-Expert Panel Van (2023 - ) Electric review

The Peugeot E-Expert electric medium van isn’t something truly new, but it does try hard to separate itself from the rest of the pack – but is a nice interior and cheaper starting price enough to get ahead?

Tom Roberts

Words by: Tom Roberts

Auto Trader

Additional words by: Auto Trader

Last updated on 10 April 2024 | 0 min read

The Auto Trader expert verdict:


Available new from £45,301

There’s a lot to like about the Peugeot E-Expert because it strives to be that little bit different. Despite being one of many Stellantis cookie-cutter vans, it adds personality and value with its i-Cockpit individuality and slightly cheaper start price.

Reasons to buy:

  • tickHigh level of driver safety systems.
  • tickGood to drive.
  • tickImproved range.

At a glance:

Cargo & practicality

Choice isn’t always abundant in electric vans, but the E-Expert manages short- and long-wheelbase models as well as crew cabs with five or six seats. Despite having a sizeable 75kWh of batteries, the E-Expert manages a payload of 1,002kg – a reasonable amount for a mid-sized electric van and anything up to 200kg shy of a diesel equivalent. Load volume is the same as the diesel vans, with the largest long-wheelbase van capable of moving up to 6.6m3. Standard wheelbase vans can move lengths of up to 2512mm with the long wheelbase model adding 350mm, bringing its maximum length to 2862mm.
Expert rating: 4/5


On the inside, Peugeot has now added ChatGPT as a voice assistant to let you make your requests with more natural sounding questions. It’s activated by saying ‘Ok Peugeot’ and is part of the upgraded infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen and new 10-inch digital instrument cluster. There’s also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for smart phone mirroring. Peugeot vans also adopt a version of the i-Cockpit used across the Peugeot range, although the changes are limited to the steering wheel design and the appearance of the infotainment screen. The i-Cockpit layout, featuring sleeker design than the other Stellantis medium vans, and a new steering wheel with a flatter top and bottom is a nice addition. It’s something different and I applaud that.
Expert rating: 4/5

Running costs

Of all the shared badge models in the Stellantis medium van range (Citroen E-Dispatch, Fiat E-Scudo and Vauxhall Vivaro Electric) the E-Expert is perhaps the one that does the most to stand out from the crowd. It’s also slightly cheaper than the Fiat and Vauxhall versions and at launch priced identically to the Citroen at £41,210 with VAT – making it super competitive on finance and lease deals! Its 75kWh battery also has a claimed range of 217 miles which will be considerably cheaper to charge than filling the tank of the diesel equivalent. However, do bear in mind that range goes down the less efficiently you drive and the more weight you carry… which means compromise is the key.
Expert rating: 4/5


Peugeot vans used to sell in large numbers to fleets and rental companies but have over the years also found a lot of fans with private buyers. Fleets don’t tend to buy unreliable vans as they end up cost far too much in lost time and productivity. The Expert is therefore a safe pair of hands and as an electric van there’s even fewer mechanical items to go wrong which should bode well for long term reliability. The warranty on the E-Expert is the standard 3-year/100,000-mile offering, with 8 years warranty on the battery packs. That’s some nice reassurance of the reliability.
Expert rating: 3/5


The E-Expert gets a 100kW motor, the equivalent of 136hp, producing 260Nm of torque and is paired to a 75kWh battery. Although now in its second generation the figures for the power and torque remain the same, but the all-new driveline has improved efficiency increasing range from 205 miles to 217 miles. Improvements have also been made to the regenerative braking system, increasing the amount of energy recovered. It’s a powerful enough motor for a medium-sized van, helped by the instant torque generated. While it’s not likely to win any races over a ¼ mile it will surprise people with its performance from a standstill even with a heavy load on board.
Expert rating: 3/5

Ride and handling

The pedigree of sporty hot hatches of the past from Peugeot hasn’t ever really translated into their commercial vehicle range, but the E-Expert is a surprise package in this department. Ok, it’s not a precision track weapon but the E-Expert does have direct and purposeful steering that gives you a good amount of feedback. It’s more dynamic than the diesel version because of the low-slung battery weight, which also goes some way to settle the ride even when empty. New regenerative braking adjusted using steering-mounted paddle shifters add to the experience and while the most severe setting can unsettle the balance with its aggressive retardation it’s an effective system that’s more rewarding than simply using the brake pedal. Overall, you’re more likely to enjoy driving this van simply because of that immediate response from the moment you touch the accelerator, but don’t expect that take-off when under load.
Expert rating: 4/5


The E-Expert is crammed full of advanced driver assistance systems including automatic headlights, lane keeping, emergency braking and Intelligent Speed Assistance which recognises and advises on speed limits. There’s also the option of Dynamic Surround View package which includes a digital rear view mirror giving a clear view of the road behind as well as down the side of the vehicle. The package also includes a blind spot warning, front parking sensors and a Flankguard detection system which recognises fixed objects like bollards that you may not see when reversing. It’s definitely one of the safer vans out there, if the warranty length matched the safety standards this van would be rating even higher.
Expert rating: 5/5


Equipment levels in the E-Expert are higher than in most vans with the entry-level Professional trim getting many items you’d normally find on higher trim levels in a diesel vehicle. Standard kit includes a 10-inch touchscreen, 10-inch digital instrument cluster, manual air conditioning, cruise control with speed limiter and rear parking sensors. There’s also twin sliding rear doors for the loadspace. The higher spec Asphalt trim adds full LED headlights, body-colour bumpers with 17-inch wheel trims and power-folding door mirrors as well as satellite navigation and the Dynamic Surround View package.
Expert rating: 4/5

Why buy?

With its new Peugeot family front end, the E-Expert is a good-looking van that offers a great driving experience, ample load carrying capacity and a high level of equipment. While it shares much of that with its other siblings it has the added advantage of being marginally cheaper than its Fiat E-Scudo and Vauxhall Vivaro Electric relatives. That means that should you be looking to lease or finance a new electric van, the Peugeot E-Expert is likely to come in at a good monthly price. As a result, the E-Expert has more than just its impressive equipment and safety spec to convince you to take a closer look. I’d also argue that if a van is constantly seen in larger fleets, you can be sure that running costs and maintenance investment are also competitive. And what more convincing could you possible need than that?

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