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Nissan unveils NV300 concept van at Brussels Motor Show

  • Features mobile workshop designed in collaboration with British studio
  • Equipped with all-in-one portable battery solution...
  • ...using batteries from Nissan Leaf electric cars
Nissan has unveiled its all-new NV300 Concept van at the Brussels Motor Show this week.

The concept highlights the potential for bespoke van conversions, and demonstrates one of the ways Nissan’s electric car batteries can be repurposed.

The NV300’s cargo area has been kitted out as a mobile workshop for a creative woodworking professional, in a collaboration between Nissan and British design studio, Studio Hardie. The van has been fitted with an integrated touch-screen computer, swivel seating on floor rails, space-saving bespoke storage, and LED lighting in the ceiling.
The concept van also comes equipped with an integrated portable battery solution called Nissan Energy Roam. The power pack, which has a storage capacity of 700kW and a maximum power output of 1kW could be used to charge tools or tablets or laptops on the go.

The batteries have been recovered from Nissan Leaf cars which have come to the end of their life. The battery pack can also be recharged using a solar panel mounted on the roof of the van.

The Roam idea builds on prototype portable power technology seen on the Nissan Navara Dark Sky and Nissan Navara EnGuard concepts unveiled at the Hannover Motor Show in 2018 and 2016. It’s an interesting way to give a second life to electric car batteries which Nissan hopes to roll out over the coming years.