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How to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader

It’s easy to make money from your old motorhome with Auto Trader, you could make thousands of pounds - why wouldn’t you? Find out how to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader, hassle free.

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Published on 28 January 2021 | 0 min read

There are 3 ways to sell your motorhome on Auto Trader. Finding the option for you depends on how much involvement you’d like to have.
1. Advertise your motorhome on Auto Trader
If you want to manage the whole process yourself from listing to sale, placing an ad for your motorhome on our website will be the best option for you.
  • For a minimal fee, you’ll be able to list up to 20 images and the features of your motorhome and get your motorhome in front of around 330,000 interested buyers.
  • There are different pricing plans for trade or private sellers, these are flexible depending on how long you want to advertise your motorhome for.
  • You can to manage your motorhome advert through your own dashboard
  • If you want to, you can sponsor your advert if you want to promote it more to sell your motorhome quickly.
Want more advice on selling your motorhome on Auto Trader?
We have lots of helpful articles to guide you through this process. You can find advice on how to prepare your motorhome before selling it here, ow to stay safe when selling your motorhome privatelyhere, or, how to take photos of your motorhome for your Auto Trader adverthere.
We also have a thorough motorhome or campervan sellers guide which you can find here.
Ready to list your motorhome on Auto Trader?
You can sell your motorhome on Auto Trader here.
2. Part exchange your motorhome
If you’ve got a new motorhome in mind, part exchange could be a great option as you can use your existing motorhome to get money off the new one you would like. If you choose this option, you can go through Auto Trader and we will send all the details of you and your vehicle to a dealer.
On Auto Trader this works in 3 steps
Step 1. Find the motorhome you want
Search for your next motorhome from dealers who are using Auto Trader's part-exchange. You can start your search here.
Step 2. Use the part exchange tool
Enter your motorhome's make.
Step 3. Enter your details
Details of your part-exchange will be sent to both you and the dealer.
Ready to start a part exchange?
You can start your part exchange here.
3 . Sell to a dealer
Sometimes you don’t want the hassle of managing the sale of your motorhome yourself.
  • Auto Trader partners with national and local motorhome dealers who are ready to take your motorhome off your hands.
  • You can find local dealers on our website, who will list the types of motorhome they’re looking for.
  • Have a browse and see if your motorhome is what they are after; if it looks like it is, get in touch and the dealer will arrange a viewing and provide a quote.
If you’re ready to sell your motorhome to a dealer, you can search all the dealerships on our site and find the best one for you here.

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