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Top 5 outdoor motorcycle covers

With the onset of winter, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your bike from the ravages of the more severe weather. There are a lot of protective motorcycle covers out there, so which should you go for?

With the onset of winter, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and your bike from the ravages of the more severe weather. We’re not just talking about sub-zero temperatures, but wet and ice, too.
Protective motorcycle covers are better than ever, so just because you may not have a garage doesn’t mean that your bike will be left out in the cold this winter. What’s more, covers have additional benefits on top of just being something you throw over your bike overnight. They’re completely portable, which means you can keep your bike covered and protected from the elements during weekend ride-outs or on the daily commute, too. Covers also work as a security measure, making your bike look less attractive to a potential thief. If someone can’t easily identify what kind of bike you have, they are much less likely to be interested in pinching it. There are a lot of options out there, so which should you go for? Here’s our pick of five of the best.
Best all-round: R&G Superbike Cover, £44.95
Awarded a ‘Best Buy’ in independent tests, this is one of the best all-round bike covers available. It’s made of strong, good quality material, it’s elasticated all the way round the rim, and it’s vented around the mirrors to avoid condensation. Along with that, it has two belly straps to ensure it stays in place, has loops at the front and rear for security devices (these are covered by Velcro flaps to ensure they stay waterproof), the company claims the covers are fully-waterproof, and it’s designed to fit all modern superbikes and sportsbikes.
Best value: Oxford Aquatex Cover, £24.99-£39.99
This lightweight, easy-to-use, low-priced outdoor motorcycle cover has been rated a ‘Best Buy’ throughout the industry, and is available in most dealers nationwide. It’s easy to put on and take off (proven in independent tests), and it’s both waterproof and heat resistant, with the only minor criticism being that it’s slightly prone to condensation forming on the inside, which then helps it ‘cling’ to your bike. It’s not the sturdiest, meaning you shouldn’t expect it to last forever, but it is easy to fit, does what it sets out to, and is very well priced.
Best for adventure bikes: R&G Adventure Bike Outdoor Cover, £55.00
Based on R&G’s award-winning ‘Superbike Cover’, this has been specifically designed for the larger and hugely popular adventure bike category. As such, it’s made from the same durable material, is elasticated around the rim for an easy fit, has a belly strap to ensure it stays in place, has loops at the front and rear for security devices, has high-visibility reflective logos and trim piping for additional visibility at night, and even has a clear PVC rear window allowing the number plate to be visible. In short, it’s got the lot and is a reasonable price, too.
Best for features: Oxford Rainex Deluxe rain & dust cover, £49.99-£59.99
This is a more heavyweight cover than the Oxford Aquatex, and it has some additional features. The tougher outer shell has seams which are externally bonded, it’s elasticated front and back which makes it easy to fit, and it has a soft lining to protect against scratches and damage. There’s air vents by the handlebar ends to avoid internal condensation, it’s heat resistant so won’t melt on the exhaust, there’s an adjustable belly strap to stop it from blowing away, reflective panels aid visibility at night, and there’s a built-in pouch to keep your lock off the ground. All-in-all, it’s a decent cover.
Best for security: Datatool Motorcycle Security Cover, £24.99
Available in three sizes (medium, large and extra-large), this product from security experts Datatool is not just a decent motorcycle cover at a very reasonable price in its own right, the very conspicuous ‘Datatool Security Protected’ emblazoned on both sides acts as an extra layer of visual security. The cover itself, meanwhile, while not exceptional or lavish, is waterproof and breathable, with a large reflective strip for safe use while parking on the road. All round, it’s a decent buy.