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Protect Your Number explained

Stay safe, smart and secure with Protect Your Number. This service helps you avoid scammers and nuisance callers - at no extra cost.
Protect Your Number 1

When a seller creates an advert we give them a service called 'Protect Your Number'

Protect Your Number 2

The advert shows a unique Auto Trader number, instead of the seller's own phone number

Protect Your Number 3

When a buyer calls, they get redirected to the seller - without seeing their personal number

Why Protect Your Number?

  • Sellers

  • Buyers

  • Private Sales

    What does it cost?

    Protect Your Number is included with all our advertising packages. Buyers are charged for calls at standard rates - so they don't pay more either.


    Why do I need it?

    Using Protect Your Number allows us to block known scammers and nuisance callers. This means you can spend more time talking to genuine buyers.


    Can I use a mobile?

    Yes, Protect Your Number works with mobiles. To stop scammers sending you text messages, your mobile will be replaced with a landline number.

  • Private Sales

    What does it cost?

    Don’t worry, there is no extra cost. Calls are charged at the usual standard landline rate charged by your call operator.


    Why do sellers need to protect their number?

    It helps to protect Sellers from unwanted calls. As the number re-directs, we are able to block known scammers and nuisance callers. Giving the seller a better experience and you more chance of getting connected.


    Can I send a text to the number?

    No. It is not currently possible to send a text message.

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