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UK Government announce consultation on all new motorcycles to be electric by 2035

Today (14 July 2022) the UK government announced a consultation on ending the sales of non-zero-emission L-category vehicles. This includes motorbikes, mopeds and quads. Find out all about the consultation and how you can respond here.

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Published on 14 July 2022 | 0 min read

Electric motorbikes and mopeds are becoming more normal on UK roads. On Auto Trader Bikes we have seen both record numbers of electric motorbike adverts on our site and interest in them grew by over 120% in the last year*.
As part of the government's measures to mark a year since the Transport Decarbonisation Plan was introduced, they have launched a new public consultation into ending the sales of non-zero-emission L-category vehicles. Their hope is, that this will accelerate the transition to zero-emission travel, by speeding up the phasing out the sales of new fossil-fuelled motorbikes and mopeds by 2035.

What does this mean?

The government are currently running a consultation, which means they are seeking feedback from the public and the bike industry, about their views on stopping the sale of new fossil-fuelled motorbikes and mopeds by 2035.
Once this is complete (late 21 September 2022) it is expected the government will analyse the responses. They have stated that a summary of responses, including the following steps, will be published within three months of the consultation closing. We therefore can expect their results by the end of 2022. The responses will likely be used to inform their policy on what happens next.

How to respond

The consultation period began on 14 July 2022 and will run until 21 September 2022.
You can respond here.

Can I buy an electric bike today?

Yes, you can, we currently have over 500 electric bikes for sale on Auto Trader Bikes here.
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Can I still buy petrol and diesel bikes?

Yes. You can still buy petrol and diesel bikes until after a ban comes in. As explained this is still in consultation, the government have not yet announced a ban on petrol and diesel bikes. We have lots of bikes sale on site here.
*Auto Trader on-site data from May 22 vs May 21 Used Motorbikes for Sale New Motorbikes for Sale Electric Motorbikes for Sale E-Bikes for Sale

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