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Suzuki unveils new GSX-S1000

‘Affordable’ super-naked gets all-new styling, revised engine and improved rider electronics – but keeps bargain price.

Suzuki has given its popular, bargain-priced GSX-S1000 super naked a sizeable makeover for 2021 with the result – as pictured here – gaining an all-new, more aggressive angular look, an updated engine to both meet the new Euro5 emissions regulations and gain slightly more power, a new suite of electronic rider aids including a new TFT dash, a revised riding position and more!
Best of all, though, is the one thing Suzuki has hardly changed at all – the price. Despite all the updates and improvements, the new 2021 GSX-S1000 will cost just £10,999, when it becomes available – or just £300 more than the old version. And, with some admittedly higher specced rival super nakeds, such as Triumph’s newly-updated Speed Triple 1200 RS now costing in excess of £15,000, or even Kawasaki’s more comparable, but soon to be deleted Z1000, costing almost £1000 more, it retains the GSX-S’s status as one of the bargains of the class. Suzuki’s take on the super-naked was first launched in 2015 based on a retuned version of the older GSX-R10000K5-K8 superbike’s longer stroke, four-cylinder engine. This not only helped keep costs down but delivered both a decent 138bhp and, better still, a silky-smooth, grunty delivery perfect for its upright, roadster stance. On top of that there was a curvy, seductive bodywork (a half-faired, GSX-S1000F was also offered for those wanting more of an all-rounder), sporty but stable handling assisted by decent quality, adjustable suspension and, although its ultimate performance and electronic sophistication couldn’t match rivals such as BMW’s 160bhp S1000R, the Suzuki compensated for it by being significantly cheaper. Power was boosted to 148bhp in 2017 and now the GSX-S1000 has received its biggest ‘makeover’ so far.
The all-new, more aggressive styling is the most conspicuous change. Gone are those smooth curves, in their place an aggressive, angular design with shades of Suzuki’s 2020 MotoGP championship-winning racer, distinctive, ‘stacked’ twin LED headlights but also, usefully, a slightly roomier, more comfortable riding position and a slightly larger 19-litre tank.
The engine is based on the same 999cc four but gets new inlet and exhaust cams which, together with a new exhaust, help get the GSX-S through Euro5 while also nudging peak power up slightly, from 148 to 150bhp at 11,000rpm. While Suzuki’s super naked also gets for 2021 significantly updated rider electronics in a package called ‘SIRS’, which stands for ‘Suzuki Intelligent Ride System’ and was first introduced on the Japanese firm’s latest V-Strom adventure and Hayabusa hyperbike. This time round it includes three switchable power modes, five-way traction control, all navigable via the GSX-S’s new colour TFT dash, plus also Suzuki’s ‘easy-start’ system and a welcome quickshifter/auto-blipper for super-fast gearchanges. As perhaps dictated by its more affordable price, however, the new Suzuki’s doesn’t feature the very latest cornering ABS, launch control etc as fitted to some more premium-priced rivals. The 2021 GSX-S1000’s chassis, however, is little different to that of the old – but then there wasn’t much wrong with that in any case. The twin spar aluminium frame braces impressively high spec, fully-adjustable KYB forks and rear shock while the front stoppers remain courtesy of equally impressive Brembo radial monobloc calipers biting onto big 310mm twin discs. The new GSX-S1000 will be available in three different colours – blue, silver or black – and is expected in dealers at the end of June.
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