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Harley enters new era with Pan America 1250 adventure bike

Harley-Davidson’s all-new 150bhp adventure bike is set to take historic American cruiser brand in new direction.

These are the first pictures of the production version of Harley-Davidson’s revolutionary, all-new, long-anticipated adventure bike – the Pan America 1250 – a machine which is not only Harley’s most advanced ever, taking the legendary American cruiser specialists in an all-new direction, but on paper also looks good enough to shake up the whole adventure bike class.
Launched globally online this week, the Pan America boasts an all-new, high tech, liquid-cooled V-twin engine which Harley calls the ‘Revolution Max’. Displacing 1252cc, revving to 9500rpm and equipped with variable valve timing it’s good for a claimed, impressive 150bhp and 95ft-lbs which already puts the Harley ahead of established rivals such as BMW’s 134bhp R1250GS and Triumph’s latest 140bhp Tiger 1200. The 60-degree V-twin was designed to be compact and light weight, using aluminium single-piece cylinders and is used as a stressed member of the chassis. There’s a six-speed transmission and final drive is by chain, not Harley’s usual belt (or BMW’s usual shaft). On top of that the new Pan America also features the latest electronic rider aids including multiple switchable riding modes (including off-road), optional semi-active suspension, lean sensitive traction control, cornering ABS and hill-hold control all controlled via a big, 6.8-inch, touch sensitive, full colour TFT screen. Just as surprising is that the new Harley is also intended to be a credible off-roader, with a rugged frame with detachable subframe, recessed exposed bolts, customisable off-road modes and with its weight kept to just 245kg (wet) via the use of items such as an aluminium tank – which is also 4kgs less than the class-leading R1250GS. While the Pan America should also prove to be a quality tourer thanks to its adjustable screen, cruise control and extensive luggage options. Two versions of the bike are being offered: the base Pan America 1250 starting at £14,000 and the more premium Pan America 1250 Special which also gets semi-active suspension, optional wire wheels, a tyre pressure monitoring system, centre stand, adaptive headlight, heated grips and a pioneering ‘adaptive ride height system’ which lowers the seat height by up to 50mm when you come to a standstill. As standard, its seat height is 890mm. This version starts at £15,500, with both bikes again impressively in the same price band as rivals such as the R1250GS and Tiger 1200. They’re expected in dealers this spring – can’t wait!
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Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 adventure bike
Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 adventure bike

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