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BMW F900 XR video review

Rory Reid reviews the BMW F900 XR - how does it perform as a daily bike?

Published on 16 December 2020 | 0 min read

Rory Reid takes a spin on the BMW F900 XR, an adventure sport bike that’s great for everyday riding and makes an enjoyable commuter bike.
There are two versions of the BMW F900 XR available: • the A2, which makes 48 horsepower and costs £9,800 • And the version in our video, the TE, which makes 105 horsepower and costs £10,500
BMW F900 XR design and specs
The BMW F900 XR is quite an attractive bike. The TE in our review comes with the sports styling package, which includes:
• Racing red fairing • Granite grey tank • Black rims • Gold fixed fork tubes • Sports windscreen, 20mm lower than standard but adjust on the fly In terms of specification, the TE Rory rode features a 895cc parallel twin engine, producing 105 horsepower. It’s built for comfort rather than speed, and has an upright riding position that’s easy on the back and well suited for long-distance riding. The F900 XR’s seat height is 895 mm, but you can drop the height to around 775 mm with a lower seat and lower suspension set to suit you.
BMW F900 XR features
The BMW F900 XR comes with some great features.
There’s a fantastic dashboard with simple interface and clear information display. The BMW F900 XR can talk to compatible Bluetooth helmets for music, sat nav directions and phone calls. There’s also preparation for sat nav that directly fits onto the bike. Controls are simple and intuitive. There’s a multi-controller on the left handlebar so you can twist up and down to cycle through the dash options. The handlebars also have heated grips and wind deflectors to keep your fingers from getting cold. Other features worth calling out are: • Keyless start • Cruise control • Adaptive lights that illuminate corner depending on your angle of lean, • Intelligent emergency calling – if you fall off the bike, it’ll sense you’ve had an accident and call BMW, who’ll get in touch to see if you’re ok and send an ambulance if needed.
What’s the BMW F900 XR like to ride?
The BMW F900 XR is pretty quick. It’s not the fastest bike in the higher gears, but it certainly takes off well from lower revs in first and second gear.
The brakes are strong, and it comes with both ABS and cornering ABS. The clutch is a bit snatchy, so it’s likely to stall or lurch away if you’re not gentle. Something to be aware of if you’re a new rider. On the plus side, you don’t need to worry about the clutch so much when you’re on the move - the BMW F900 XR has got a quick shifter. Just hit the left pedal up or down to change gear without needing the lever. The BMW F900 XR is built for commuting but it’s fun too. It’s hassle-free, with no need to faff with keys or maps. You can just hop on and set off, with the technology making it all simple. If you’re looking for a good blend of practicality, performance and usability then the BMW F900 XR is well worth considering as a great daily ride.

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