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Getting a 50cc moped (AM) licence

As long as you are over 16, the AM licence allows you to ride a scooter or motorcycle with an engine of up to 50cc and a maximum speed of no more than 45 km/h (about 28mph).

You’re also allowed to carry a passenger and ride without displaying L plates.

However, as long as you have taken your CBT, you can still ride with L plates for a maximum of two years, even if you do not have a full moped licence.

As well as scooters and mopeds, an AM licence also allows you to ride small three-wheelers (up to 50cc and 4KW power) or light quads weighing under 350kg and with a top speed of 28mph, providing you have passed your CBT and practical test.

You can gain a full AM licence by completing the practical tests; and, if you do so, you don't need to display L plates and you can carry a passenger. However, most people choose to progress to larger machines (or re-take their CBT) before the two-year period expires.
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