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5 tips to make your motorhome homely

A new trend is emerging amongst British workers in need of ways to manage remote working and travel for work. According to our new research 1 in 5 adults feel employers have a moral responsibility to provide motorhomes for their employees to work away in. With motorhomes set to become the working away ‘new normal’ we explore ways to make your motorhome more homely.

In the research we commissioned, 48% of those surveyed told us they would not be comfortable travelling for work right now, unless they were able to travel in their own vehicle and stay in their own accommodation. With 15% of the UK workforce regularly required to travel and stay overnight for work, this is a big chunk of the population.
Furthermore, the research suggests that almost 1 in 5 adults (18%) feel employers have a moral responsibility to provide caravans or similar motorhome options for their employees if staff are required to travel and stay overnight for work in the current climate. Lots of people seem into the idea of working from a motorhome, as 27% believe having access to motorhome, would create an ideal quiet space to work in. With people set to spend more time in motorhomes, we explore 5 ways to make your stay more comfortable.
1. Internet access
You’ll need internet access so you can keep in touch with friends and family and check your work emails while you are working away.
If you’re after getting online while you are in your motorhome we would recommend looking into getting one of the following:
  • A 4G Mobile Wi-Fi devices (Mi-Fi)
  • A 4G Dongle
  • A USB Wi-Fi Antenna
  • A WiFi Repeater
  • A 4G Router and external antenna
2. Decent TV
Getting away in your motorhome doesn’t have to literally mean leaving all traces of your everyday life behind.
It’s possible to get a decent TV signal on a campsite, and if you get a TV you won’t need to use your data up. If you plan to watch or record live TV in your motorhome, you will need a second TV Licence if TV receiving equipment is in use at both addresses at the same time. If you never use your TV at home and in your motorhome at the same time, one licence will cover both addresses.
3. Soft furnishings
Soft furnishings make the world of difference and will help you settle in while you are away. Here are some ideas of what to bring with you:
  • A rug
  • A doormat
  • A cosy blanket
  • A nice duvet cover
4. Family photos
You might not be able to bring your family and friends with you while you’re working away, so bring pictures of them along so you get the opportunity to see them.
5. Your favourite mug
Us Brits love a cuppa - approximately 100 million cups of tea are drunk daily! Coffee is catching up too, with 95 million cups drank daily. Whether tea or coffee is your thing, make sure you pack your favourite mug while you’re away in your motorhome, it’ll help you feel a little closer to home and save you time and money having to get takeaway drinks!
We hope these tips help you feel at home the next time you are away in your motorhome.

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