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5 Best motorhomes for under £15000

Getting away from home and seeing the world might, given the current circumstances, seem like a bit of a dream. That doesn’t mean holidays won’t happen in the future. After all, you can start planning now!

And there’s nothing better than getting behind the wheel of a caravan, RV, motorhome (whatever you want to call it), and meeting the open road, seeing the country you call home, and loving it every step of the way. Investing in a new motorhome can be a big step toward this, although it can be difficult to know where to start.
We have selected five of the best motorhomes for under £15000. Of course, buying a motorhome new comes with a huge price tag, so you have to be a keen-minded shopper to get your money’s worth. Our selection is just a small sample of a much wider market, which, much like the open road, we encourage you to explore.
1. Ford Transit
Like Porsche, Ford are best known for their cars, although it may not surprise you to find this in their long list of products. This van is wonderfully flexible and adaptable to a wide range of situations, whether you are going on a long road trip, or setting up in a caravan park. This model comes with a fridge, a 2-burner hob (gas), a gas water heater, and a chemical toilet, as well as an awning for those late summer evenings when you just want to watch the sunset.
Find a Ford Transit here.
2. Porsche Boxster, Autocruise Vista
Porsche are well-known for their cars, but did you know that they make some lovely motorhomes? The Porsche Boxster Autocruise Vista comes with everything you need to make your next cross-country trip memorable. This includes a fully equipped kitchen (hob, grill, oven, fridge, and sink), bathroom (toilet, shower, sink) to which hot water flowers regularly, as well as blinds and curtains for additional privacy. Water is available at the turn of the tap. For barbecues, you can pull out the grill, and seek shade in the awning. As for driving, you have power steering and a stereo to keep you entertained.
Find a Autocruise Vista here.
3. Mazda Bongo Freindee
For a vehicle that performs like a car but with all the practicality of a motorhome, look no further than a Mazda Bongo Freindee, a campervan with class. Equipped with automatic transmission, this right-hand drive is suitable for long road trips. The rooftop lifts up and down at the press of a button, allowing you more room so you can snuggle in after a long drive. You will also have access to a 2-burner stove (gas), a sink, and a USB point, as well as extra seating for driving companions. Safety is an important factor to admire in this campervan, as it comes with five full seatbelts, a lap belt, and sleeps four people in relative comfort. Once you have the configurations worked out, it will be like a second home.
Find a Mazda Bongo here.
4. Autohome
Probably the most like a home on this list, this Autohome comes with everything including the kitchen sink. A 240v hook up sees to your energy needs, including heating. This is also a motorhome to keep in mind if you are trying to keep track of your carbon footprint. Not only is there an onboard water tank, but there is also a wastewater tank, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of dirty water. You might also consider this motorhome if you like barbecues, as it comes with a grill and awning.
Find a Autohome here.
5. Fiat Ducato Hymer 544
Our final selection is this Fiat Ducato Hymer 544, which comes with a manual of use so you can get the most out of your experience. Included with this beast of a motorhome is a 240v hook up, which sees to all of your energy needs. You will find several safety measures onboard, including a fire extinguisher, so you don’t have to worry about accidents occurring. Of course, we advise insuring your vehicle in all cases. Unlike other motorhomes, this Hymer comes with an oven attached to the gas hob, so you have more options for cooking. If you are camping along a bike trail, you can also bring your bike for a lazy – or competitive – bike ride with the bike rack.
Find a Hymer here.

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