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5 Best 6 Berth Motorhomes

6 berth motorhomes can sleep up to 6 people. As one of the most popular choices of motorhome, it can be difficult to determine what some of the best 6 berth motorhomes are, which is why we’ve done the research for you.

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Last updated on 6 July 2021 | 0 min read

Luckily for you, here at Autotrader, we're passionate about all things motorhome. So we've taken the time (and pleasure!) to break down what the 5 best 6 berth motorhomes are, looking at a variety of factors including driving style, bedroom placement, exterior design, and more.
Let's jump right in.
1. Swift Kon-Tiki 650
The Swift Kon-Tiki 650 is a 6 berth motorhome with a striking appearance. Emboldened with a monochromatic house style, it's a visually appealing choice before you even step foot inside. But once you do, you're sure to be even more wowed.
With an end-bedroom, the Swift Kon-Tiki 650 is spacious and comfortably allows for 6. It has 4 belted seats and comes in both manual and automatic options, making it a great choice for every style of driver. The furnishings are luxuriously soft, making the Swift Kon-Tiki 650 a perfect model for those long journeys or lazy evenings too. Discover all of our Swift Kon-Tiki 650 motorhomes for sale here.
2. Roller Team Zefiro 675
This is a fun, feisty model that really epitomises the classic motorhome image and experience. The Roller Team Zefiro 675 offers 6 belted seats, meaning every traveller can buckle up as and when they need to. One of the unique selling points of the Roller Team Zefiro 675 is its sky-roof, another physical feature that defines it from other models.
This model of motorhome boasts two bunk beds in the rear which, if not used for sleeping, present excellent additional storage facilities to help your travel environment remain clutter-free. Discover all of our Roller Team Zefiro 675 motorhomes for sale here.
3. Sun Living S70
The Sun Living S70 truly is a spacious 6 berth motorhome, providing ample space for a family to live and travel together. It offers an iconic style of the motorhome, with a clean white finish and squared roof, while the interior is clean and sleek. Perfect for both long and short trips on the road!
The Sun Living S70 boasts a number of additional features that some other models do not have, including Truma heating, cruise control, and passenger airbags - this latter feature is just one of many that ensure it's great for families. Discover all of our Sun Living S70 motorhomes for sale here.
4. Bailey Approach Advance 665
As well as offering 6 belted seats for travellers, the Bailey Approach Advance 665 also offers sleeping room for 6 in the form of 3 double beds that can convert into storage and/or additional living and lounge space. The upholstery is luxuriously soft and easily cleaned (perfect for the little accidents bound to happen!).
Like all the other models on this list, the Bailey Approach Advance 665 has all the necessary major equipment and appliances, such as an oven, sink, fridge, and more. This makes it the ideal companion for holidays and trips away to see some of the country's finest views. Discover all of our Bailey Approach Advance 665 motorhomes for sale here.
5. Auto-Trail Apache 700
If you're after a large motorhome that's great for family road trips and easy on the eye, you need to look no further than the Auto-Trail Apache 700. With two comfortable lounge spaces, there is more than enough room for adults and children alike to relax.
Complete with open-plan dinette, seating, and the potential for three double beds, the Auto-Trail Apache 700 can sleep up to six people - great for families or group getaways! The outside is sleek and modern too, which is a common factor among all of our top 5 models. None of that old musty motorhome stereotype anywhere on this list! So there you have it - Autotrader's top 5 picks for the best 6 berth motorhomes. These are all wonderful investments, whether you're looking for a casual holiday vehicle or something more long-term. All the vehicles mentioned above are listed on the Autotrader website, and you can get browsing today by clicking on any of the links. Discover all of our Auto-Trail Apache 700 motorhomes for sale here.
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