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5 best 4-berth motorhomes

4 berth motorhomes are perfect for families of 4. With a motorhome you’ll gain home comforts without the stress and strain of towing a caravan. If you’re after a 4 berth motorhome, you can discover 5 of the best ones on the market here.

Fianna Hornby

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Last updated on 6 July 2021 | 0 min read

Whatever your priorities, you’ll want a 4-berth motorhome which is compact, luxurious and easy enough to manoeuvre. Thankfully, there are models to suit all budgets, and even the most basic, entry-level 4-berth motorhomes are built with enough flexibility to be upgraded should you feel the need.
In this article, we’re going to look at five of the best 4-berth motorhomes, considering specifications, ease of use, comfort and affordability.
1. Swift Escape 694
The Swift Escape range of motorhomes has consistently been regarded as one of the finest in the UK, and the 694 addition to the catalogue is no exception. It’s perfect for small families and comes with an efficient yet fully-equipped kitchen including three gas burners and a combined grill/oven. In addition to this, there’s a fitted microwave for those who want to get their food-on-the-go and enjoy more of what the day has to offer.
The half-dinette features plush seating, which also doubles up as a bed once you’ve parked up for the evening. For comfort, Swift has included dimmable lighting and a command system, which allows for easy control of virtually all motorhome functions, including heating. This is all made possible via a smartphone app. With ample storage, a comfortable bedroom and modern washroom, Swift have done it again with the Escape 694. Discover all of our Swift Escape 694 motorhomes for sale here.
2. Roller Team Zefiro 696
With the Zefiro 696, Roller Team has created a low-line 4-berth motorhome that epitomises modern luxury. In addition to a double bed, there’s also an electric drop-down bed which is easily assembled – perfect for when you’re taking the kids or friends along for the ride.
The soft furnishings are contemporary and comforting, and the L-shaped lounge is perfect for seating the entire family during the day. It also doubles up as the perfect feeding space. The washroom has been split, with a large shower on one side and a vanity sink/cassette toilet in the other. The kitchen boasts a grill, oven, hob and fridge-freezer, which means all conceivable comforts are covered. The Zefiro 696 makes good use of a Ford Transit chassis and comes with a 130bhp gearbox as standard. On the exterior, there’s a bike rack with room for 4 cycles and a 100w solar panel for energy. Ultimately, the Roller Team Zefiro 696 offers everything a family could possibly want from a 4-berth motorhome, and then some. Highly recommended indeed. Discover all of our Roller Team Zefiro 696 motorhomes for sale here.
3. Auto-Trail Tracker EB
At 7.63 metres in length, and with sleek decals, the Auto-Trail Tracker EB certainly makes a strong first impression. When you add a 130bhp 6-speed gearbox into the equation, you know you’re getting a 4-berth motorhome built for diverse driving experiences.
The cherrywood interior of the Auto-Trail Tracker EB is modern but retains a classic feel. There’s plenty of storage (including lots of small locker cupboards above the drivers’ area), and there’s a real sense of space inside. It’s bright, clean and vibrant – and perfect for families. The lounge area doubles as a dining room and feels separate from the rest of the motorhome – almost as if you’re retreating somewhere else. The kitchen has a stereotypically British feel to it, with burners, a large oven and grill – all of which are economical when it comes to gas use. The washroom at the rear runs the full width of the van, which means you can expect a home-sized shower and plenty of space at the vanity sink – perfect for busy family holidays. Discover all of our Auto-Trail Tracker EB motorhomes for sale here.
4. Hymer Exsis-i
The Hymer Exsis-i is a wonderfully compact 4-berth motorhome. It’s ideal for those who want to downsize, those with young families or those who are initially dipping their toe into the fantastic world of motorhome holidays.
It’s a beautifully engineered, well-built low-profile model with enough onboard facilities to complement long-term stays or road trips. Cream-coloured fabrics contrast well with medium tone cabinets, there’s plenty of storage space and a lounge which comfortably seats four people. The kitchen comes with a curved worktop, which houses a three-burner gas hob and sink combo unit. A fridge with a separate freezer sits underneath a combination oven/grill, and with a compact galley area, everything remains close to hand. With comfortable bedding, intelligent design and enough amenities to keep you on the road for weeks at a time, the Hymer Exsis-i is recommended for families with an adventurous streak. Discover all of our Hymer Exsis-i motorhomes for sale here.
5. Elddis Autoquest 185
This low-line motorhome comes with fixed single beds, a large rear bathroom and plenty of lounging space. It has additional fold-out travel seats so that families can move from one location to another in complete safety.
A powerful Peugeot engine, six-speed gearbox and a Whale CompleteHeat heating system highlight that the Autoquest 185 is at the forefront of motorhome technology. When you add a comfortable lounge area and sturdy sleeping arrangements, it’s clear that this 4-berth motorhome is ideal for small families who want comfort when they travel. Discover all of our Elddis Autoquest 185 motorhomes for sale here. Browse all our new motorhomes here.

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