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Each month we share the latest insights from the new and used car, van and bike platforms in our monthly Market Intelligence Reports. We regularly report on a general market overview, the health of the Auto Trader marketplace, and market pricing.

Car Monthly Market Intelligence

March 2024

News3 days ago

Van Monthly Market Intelligence

March 2024

News3 days ago

The Forces of change

At this year's Car Dealer Live conference, we shared our thoughts on the three major forces of change that we believe will have the greatest impact on the retail market in the coming months and years. You can watch Catherine Faiers discuss these forces with Car Dealer founder, James Baggott live on stage, or download the accompanying whitepaper.
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Omnichannel Report

Consumer sentiments and evolving car buying behaviours are fuelling an evolution in the traditional retailing model and sales processes. Digital journeys, combined with physical retailing is the new blended approach consumers are taking advantage of. We’re exploring how retailers are responding to these consumer changes, and how the most successful are driving efficiencies across their businesses, improving the customer experience, and increasing profits in the process.
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No driver left behind

We’re exploring how women have been excluded from the early stages of electric adoption, sharing insight on things to consider when marketing an electric car and how to bridge the knowledge and confidence gaps for women.
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