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Our tips for selling your motorhome on Auto Trader

Whether it has provided you with years of adventure and wonderful memories or has been sitting on your drive with the weeds slowly climbing up the sides, you've decided that it's time to sell your motorhome.There's no better place to sell your motorhome than Auto Trader. Reach the biggest audience of serious buyers looking for a motorhome like yours.

Here's the key to success if you're using Auto Trader to sell your motorhome:
Advert text
Your advert text, as you might expect, is a big part of the selling process.
Before you do anything else, spend some time thinking about what to write. What did you want to know when you first purchased your motorhome? Write an advert that features technical specifications and important details. Then, inject some personality. Every vehicle has a story. Where has your motorhome been? What adventures has it been on and how did it handle any challenges? Buyers expect a motorhome to have had a history, so don't be afraid to share yours in a positive light. Start your advert with essential information that people can quickly scan through. When you provide your registration number, Auto Trader will automatically fill some of the most important things that a buyer might need to know, including: - Make - Model - Colour - Fuel Type - Registration Year - Engine Capacity Then, it's up to you to provide the details that your buyers might not find on paper. Mention how well your motorhome drives and list any work that it might need. What's included? Will it have furniture and accessories? How many people can sleep in it? A well-written advert can increase interest, lead to quicker sales and even help you to make more money. But be careful, because any inaccurate information could leave you at risk of legal action. Honesty is key. Be concise, but find ways to make your advert stand out.
After you've planned your advert, it's time to set price.
When people search on Auto Trader, they can set a minimum and maximum price. Setting your price slightly below a round number can help to increase advert views. Setting your price at £8,995, instead of £9,000, could increase views by 50%.
Take photographs of your motorhome, adding plenty to your Auto Trader advert. You should have photographs of the outside and inside, including the driving cab and living space.
Have photographs that show as much as possible at once. Then, use close-ups to highlight specific details. Buyers look for adverts with plenty of pictures, and the quality of the image is important. Use a good camera. This isn't the time to take out your ancient iPad. Make sure that pictures are big, clear and not over or under-exposed.
A well-written advert will lead to enquiries in no time. Then, you'll need to continue the sale by allowing in-person viewings.
Stay safe. Make sure that you accompany the buyer if they're taking your vehicle on a test drive. Check that they have the relevant driving license and they're covered by insurance for the test drive. That way, you shouldn't be liable for any damage. Ask potential buyers to provide details like their address and phone number. If anything goes wrong and they flee the scene, this will help you to trace them. A genuine buyer should be happy to give you their contact details. Have all of the documents ready, but don't hand them over until you've received full payment for your motorhome. The buyer can check them in your presence. Keys shouldn't change hands until you're sure that you've been paid for your vehicle. Meet at your house, ideally in view of your neighbours, and keep the buyer in sight at all time. It's better to be overly cautious than live with a feeling of regret. If something happened to your motorhome, how much money would you lose?
Answer your phone
Interested buyers will call to find out more, or to arrange a viewing. Keep your phone by your side and answer whenever it rings. An unanswered call is a missed opportunity and potential buyers may not try again.
If there are times when you won't be available, it's worth listing these in your advert. Private sellers can't always be waiting by the phone, but you should aim to be available as often as possible for callers. Selling a motorhome can take time but with a well-written advert, good photographs and a willingness to answer your phone, you should see success when you're selling your motorhome on Auto Trader.
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