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This Truck Was “Born To Run”

What would you expect Bruce Springsteen and trucks to have in common? To be honest, this isn’t a question we had ever thought of asking. That all changed when we set eyes on Ralf Ekdahl's Mercedes-Benz truck.

The Haulier sometimes gets tired and bored with his company's trucks. Ralf Ekdahl doesn’t believe in spending half your life just covering up, so decides to a revamp them - creating wheels which leave a lasting impression.
His latest creation is a Mercedes-Benz Actros 2551 semitrailer tractor with GigaSpace cab, which pays the homage to “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen. Here are all the top features of this unique truck:
  • Six speakers have been added to the outside of the vehicle, which play all the hits from “Born to Run” to “Dancing in the Dark”
  • Base of dark blue and violet colour
  • Motifs by airbrush artist Terje Aspmo - inspired by Sprinsteen's career
  • Lots of parts made from stainless steel
  • Bumper guide poles in the shape of illuminated, old-school microphones
  • “Stars and Stripes” themed interior including; painted motifs, neon lights and leatherwork
  • Ornate Fender Telecaster integrated into the underside of the bed
  • Guitar volume knobs, used as décor
Customised Mercedes-Benz
Customised Mercedes-Benz
To make the truck truly iconic, they convinced “The Boss” himself, along with his long-term guitarist Nils Lofgren to sign the the cover over the fifth wheel coupling.
Building and painting this vehicle took a whole year. It is now in operation by Ekdahls Miljö haulage firm, who have a fleet of 75 trucks and employs 64 staff. Key info:
  • Truck - Mercedes-Benz Actros 2551
  • Vehicle owner - Ekdahls Miljö AB
  • Paint - Björks Lack & Kaross, Tomelilla
  • Motifs - Terje Aspmo
  • Stainless steel/appointments - Hio-Mex, Finland
  • Leather - Verhoomo Prima

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