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Former Trucker Sets Up New Initiative To Keep Fellow Workers Fit

It can be difficult for truckers, who spend most of their day sitting down to stay healthy. Now, a new online group is helping truckers regain their fitness and look after their health more than ever.

The online group was set up by Lee Gibson. Working as a Trucker for 18 years before becoming a trainer at Suttons Tankers, Gibson was always active with sports until he suffered from a serious injury. During his recovery time he gained a lot of weight and felt unhealthy. That’s when he decided to improve himself and help other truckers do the same.
Gibson set up ‘Truckers Who Run’ on Facebook, hoping to find others keen to get fit. The group now has close to 2,500 active members. On the group, Truckers complete fitness goals such a the Three Peaks Challenge and provide each other with advice on food as well as exercise. The founder of the group understands the challenges and issues that truckers face. Plenty of sitting, poor sleep patterns, fast food and long hours all mean staying fit becomes incredibly difficult. It also puts people more at risk of everything from heart disease to diabetes and high blood pressure. While the group originally began as purely for fitness runners, today it includes everything from swimming, to hiking and even weight training. Many members are thrilled with the results they have seen after joining the group and truly believe it has changed their life in radical, positive ways. The club now even has its own sportswear and is always open for new members. You can find their Facebook group here

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