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DAF are after their oldest truck still in operation, could it be yours?

DAF Trucks are on the lookout for their oldest branded truck, still in operation. Do you have a DAF vehicle from the past which you still run day-to-day? It could be yours!

John Tarrent from Ireland, has the oldest truck which DAF have managed to track down so far, a DAF 2100 which he purchased back in 1984 and still uses daily.
The oldest DAF truck on Auto Trader Trucks is currently an Ex-Ministry of Defence DAF 4X4 from 1993. The company which focused on the construction of lightweight semi-trailers and commenced truck production back in 1949, are to celebrate their 90th anniversary this year. DAF regularly receive images from drivers around the world, proudly showing their trucks, which sparked DAF Trucks’ quest to find the oldest DAF truck still in operation. If you have a DAF from the early nineties, the eighties, the seventies or even earlier please post your pictures on their Facebook page. The oldest DAF in-service will be announced at the end of November.

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