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Consumer expectations have evolved

We know the way people buy cars has changed. Over the past few years, the balance in the buying journey has shifted from forecourt-first to digital-first with more of the journey being completed online. ​

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Now, a seamless consumer journey between digital forecourts and physical experiences is no longer a demand, but an expectation.

Discover a great deal more​

In a world of evolving consumer expectations, Auto Trader is by your side to help you navigate this new retailing landscape. Helping you unlock new opportunities that digital brings.​

More purchase ready buyers

Digital buyers have more purchase intent when reserving a vehicle online, leading to a better conversion to sale once they arrive on your forecourt.

More sales while you sleep

Providing consumers with the option to complete more of their buying journey online means your forecourt is open for business all-day, every day. ​

More time for what matters

Putting the customer in control of the ordering process removes the admin burden from retailers, freeing up vital time to convert more searches into sales.

More haggle-free forecourts

Consumers who commit to a purchase online are more likely to buy at the advertised price, meaning you can maximise profit without the haggle.​

Introducing Deal Builder​​

With Deal Builder, we're building a seamless retailing experience on Auto Trader. This is a flexible start-stop journey, which enables buyers to complete as much of their buying journey online as they choose, before visiting your dealership.​​

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"We've started to get reservations coming in after hours, which has made it as if we have a 24-hour forecourt, which has been really good for us. We wake up the morning and we've sold a couple of cars, which has been absolutely fantastic. It's really given us the confidence to grow our business"

Niaz Kanji, General Manager, SR Motors

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