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Caravan Insurance explained

Don’t run the risk of spending your hard-earned money on a beautiful caravan only for it to go to waste and end up leaving you out of pocket because you didn’t have the foresight to invest in adequate insurance. We know caravan insurance can be confusing, which is why we are here to help...

Do I need caravan insurance?
As long as you have car insurance, generally speaking you don’t need insurance to tow a caravan - however, should anything happen to the caravan itself, or the belongings inside it, you wouldn’t be covered by your normal car insurance.
There are different types of caravan insurance to consider, so make sure you look into all types available to find what is truly right for you. Policies differ from provider to provider, with different excess amounts and cover limits available, depending on your needs, so it doesn’t hurt to shop around to find the perfect package for you.
What types of caravan insurance are out there?
There are three main types of caravan insurance, all of which have different specifications and suit different needs. If you’re the proud owner of a caravan that you pitch up at a park home or a caravan site, then static caravan insurance is likely right for you. Most holiday parks have a requirement that their caravan owners have cover in place before they accept them onto the park. Static insurance covers storm damage and contents of the caravan, giving you the assurance that your caravan will be safe, wherever you leave it.
If you’re planning on towing your caravan behind your car, then you’d be better suited to touring caravan insurance. You can usually include some basic cover within your car insurance if you’re towing a caravan, however this cover doesn’t usually extend beyond third-party cover. Ensuring that you have additional, touring caravan insurance will not only put your mind at ease when moving from one place to another, but give you that much-needed cover when you pitch up for the night as well. If you’re a motorhome owner, or else have any type of caravan that you drive, you’ll need motorised caravan insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance covers your contents, accidental damage, new for old cover if your belongings are stolen and also gives you the option to insure your caravan on foreign turf, should you wish to use it to explore the world.
What does the insurance usually cover?
Standard caravan insurance, whether that be static or touring, usually covers the basics. This includes accidental damage, malicious damage, internal contents and theft, as well as cover against third-party liability and extreme weather damage. You should be able to personalise your policy to suit the level of cover you’re looking for - be sure to check that the limits on the policy is enough to match your requirements as well as cover the value of your caravan itself. If you choose to go with a policy with what is referred to as ‘new for old cover,’ if your belongings are stolen or damaged then your insurance policy will pay for replacements or the equivalent value of the new items.
What exclusions should I keep an eye on?
As is always the case, insurance packages have exclusions within their policies. These can include using your caravan as your main place of habitation, running a business from your caravan, basic wear and tear on the caravan itself and theft as a result of carelessness - if you are victim of theft and you’ve left the caravan unlocked, or the windows have been left open, you may find that your policy doesn’t have you covered. As always, check the terms and conditions on your policy before you purchase so you can rest assured that you get all the cover you want - and you know exactly what you’re paying for.

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