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Clean air zones may prompt operators to quit city centre accounts

A new report recently-launched by Asset Alliance Group reveals that a majority of operators are considering quitting work for city centre-based customers if urban environmental legislations add too much cost to their operations.

Industry Monitor 2019 surveyed owners, managing directors and senior road transport operator managers across the United Kingdom. The result showed that around 57% will consider moving on from customers if clean air zones or low emissions zones mean that it is no longer cost-effective to serve those customers. 23% states that they could stick with their clients no matter the cost of clean air compliance, while the last 20% said they were unsure how they would react to the new changes.
Around 60% of those surveyed commentated that the purchase of clean air compliant vehicles has already had a negative effect on their businesses. 59% feel that local authorities have failed to communicate their plans effectively, leading to the negative impact it has had on their business. Willie Paterson, Asset Alliance Group CEO, said: “The road transport sector works with low margins, and the introduction of more stringent environmental legislation is tough. The results of our latest industry monitor demonstrate just how tough. The fact that more than half of fleets may walk away from existing customers because of rising costs puts the challenges we are facing into stark reality. Walking away from custom isn’t what anyone in business wants to do.” Paterson later also added, “Our focus continues to be supporting operators to manage their fleets and their balance sheets to ensure they remain sustainable and open to opportunities of scale.”