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Vaderstad Rexius Twin review

The RexiusTwin is the heaviest press on the market at 1660kg/m, it can be used with tines and levelling board as a secondary cultivation tool with incredibly low running costs, making it one of the most cost-effective cultivation tools on the market...

The Auto Trader expert verdict:


It is really hard to find fault apart from initial purchase price.

Reasons to buy:

  • tickEasy to connect to the tractor through reversible towing ring hitch
  • tickIncorporates a cultivation tool - tines and levelling board
  • tickDesign improves movement of soil and plant residue

At a glance:

Vaderstad Rexius Twin range

RexiusTwin is available in five widths starting with the lightest (7400kg) 4.5m option requiring 140hp right up to the 10.3m heaviest option (15000kg) that will need 350hp. Such an extensive range makes it the ideal cultivation tool on light and heavy soils. Transport width is 3m for all models.

Operating the Vaderstad Rexius Twin

RexiusTwin was designed to level soils, crush clods and reconsolidate soils efficiently and at speed. Vibrating tines can be fitted with either cultivating or mixing points are continuously moving. When the tines and points have sliced through the furrows, CrossBoard takes over and breaks up the clods. A double-acting stabiliser bar keeps the CrossBoard level across its entire working width. To further increase the cultivating and crushing effect of CrossBoard, it can be fitted with sharp and hardened knife tools, which can be fitted quickly and without the need for any tools by using the Vaderstad QuickChange system. RexiusTwin has interlocking rings which improve the efficiency of crushing clods, help to reduce blockages and are self-cleaning. With scrapers adding further cleaning it permits working in wet conditions. The combination of front tools and rings leaves a well-prepared, consolidated and weatherproof seedbed suitable for drilling.

Vaderstad Rexius Twin maintenance

RexiusTwin is a simple cultivator to maintain with only an annual pivot point check after a good pressure washing to expose grease nipples. The robust rings are linked which means they assist each other during cultivating and springs continuously re-tension ensuring that any wear is taken up. An especially hardened axle that is also spring suspended absorbs any shock, which reduces the need for constant maintenance. Multiple sealed bearings can be easily lubricated on both sides.


A versatile and proven cultivator that can leave a well prepared and level seedbed. Robust is an understatement when describing build quality and design engineering of the RexiusTwin. It is one of the key workhorses in the Vaderstad armoury and should be considered a 'must have' tool on small, medium and large arable enterprises across multiple cropping.

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