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Solving The Struggle Of Winter Fuel Storage

Winter is rife with farming storage conundrums. Farmers most notably worry about things like straw, hay, and feed, but fuel storage also causes a few sleepless nights. Everything from tractors to combines rely on a steady supply of fuel, after all. While this might not be in the highest demand during winter, you’ll need every last drop come spring. Read on to find our tips for solving the struggle of winter fuel storage...
Select your storage tank wisely
Your storage tank of choice is the most fundamental aspect of your winter fuel solution. With a decent tank behind you, storage is pretty much guaranteed. For the most part, farmers are now turning towards plastic, or polyethylene, tanks due to their lack of condensation and cheap starting costs

If you’re storing large amounts of fuel, though, you may find a steel tank works best. These typically offer around 15000 litres of storage compared to the 5000 commonly found in plastic options. What’s more, second-hand selections with pumping systems can still work well.

Simply consider the types and quantities of fuel you’re storing, and research which tank would be best for winter-long solutions you can work with.
Beware of water
Water in a fuel supply is the worst winter woe. As such, both preparing for and monitoring water issues is vital during storage. One of the best things you can do is to place your chosen tank in an area with the least possible water exposure, such as under a shelter or away from direct sunlight. A simple testing kit can also help you to monitor your fuel supply all winter long, providing you peace of mind and alerting you to any potential microbe contamination before it compromises your entire fuel supply.
Take care of security
If you are leaving copious amounts of fuel in storage all winter, you’re also going to want to consider security. This is a valuable resource, after all, and thieves often see tanks like these as easy pickings. Luckily, there are a few ways you can stop your supply from falling foul. For one, investing in a fuel pump with an isolator switch is vital for ensuring no one else can activate your pump. Consider, too, investing in one of the many fuel tank alarms now available on the market. Even a locking cabinet for all your fuel equipment could help to keep thieves at bay all winter long.

As with anything in winter, it’s vital that you put plenty of thought into your fuel storage solutions now, and invest in any necessary equipment before the cold weather really hits. Get this right, though, and you’ll be able to rest easy about fuel storage every winter from now on.

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