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New fence post driver from Bryce Suma

Farmers, estate owners and fencing contractors might want to consider investing in this new fence post driver machine from Bryce Suma.

It’s called the Powershift HD180 and it’s a one-man machine for putting up fences. It’s a tracked vehicle with one of Bryce’s heavy-duty post drivers on it. The engine in it is a 46hp Kubota diesel.
The cradle at the front carries 40 fence posts (or six straining posts) while reels of wire can be fitted on either side to run out 2000 metres of either plain or barbed wire. The driver itself delivers an impact force of 62 tonnes. And because the post-driver is mounted on a 180 degree turntable, fence posts can be driven to the rear and to either side. Designer, Jock Bryce, says a lot of his experience as a fencing contractor has gone into the machine to make it safe and easy to operate. He explains why it’s so good, “It’s a go-anywhere machine with tremendous stability and traction. It's smaller and more manoeuvrable than a tractor, so I think it will appeal to contractors and large farms and estates, especially where they are erecting fences on difficult terrain." The machine can be moved from post to post with the engine just ticking over, which eases fuel consumption and keeps the noise down to comfortable levels. It also has a reversible seat and controls, so it can be driven in whichever direction is easiest for the driver or will give the best balance and traction for the terrain. " The HD180 has generous mast angling in two directions and its slewing action gives the machine tremendous versatility for post driving, especially in awkward locations, without having to get the vehicle in just the right position says Jock Bryce. He adds, "Being able to swing the mast round is also useful for shifting weight distribution to keep the vehicle stable when travelling across steep slopes and to give extra clearance when having to manoeuvre amongst trees." Showing that he understands what equipment a fencing contractor uses day to day, Jock has also built in a lockable toolbox and storage for a chain saw, metal bars, spades, a hammer, tape measure and spirit level. The HD180 won a Royal Welsh Agricultural Society technical innovation award for “the machine, implement or device likely to be of most benefit to Welsh farming”. One of the judges, Peter Redman, said, "We liked the integral facility to carry posts and thereby improve logistics, and the high level of maneuverability and precision positioning of the machine," he added. Jock Bryce is delighted to receive the award and says, "It reflects the lengths we go to at Bryce Suma to build post drivers with practical and innovative features that make life easier, increase productivity and promote safety in fencing operations."