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Coronavirus advice for farm machinery owners

Different sectors of the farming industry are all affected in various ways as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Farmers, farmworkers and vets are all included as key workers, so for a lot of the industry, work never stopped.

In this article, we aim to answer frequently asked questions which may come up for farm machinery operators. We aim to keep this page updated as the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic changes.

For medical advice please make sure you visit the NHS website.

For advice relating to the UK’s response in any other areas, please visit the UK Government’s website.

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Can I buy farm machinery right now?
Showrooms will remain closed until the government announces they are allowed to do so (although car dealerships in Englands are permitted to open from 1st June, so farm machinery dealerships may open then too).

You can buy farm machinery online and arrange customer collection or home delivery. If you’re in the market for new farm machinery, you can get in touch with the individual retailer via phone, email, text or chat to find out if offering “click and collect” or home delivery service.
Can I still sell my farm machinery right now?
You can still list farm machinery on Auto Trader. Demand may not be as high in the current environment, but as businesses begin returning to work it is still likely you’ll receive enquiries from prospective buyers. Use our three-step tool to create and upload your farm machinery advert.

If you are thinking of listing your farm machinery for sale, it’s important to clean and disinfect it. Whilst there are no guarantees that this will remove all risks, it does show you are taking a responsible approach. Looking after each other at this time is essential, so if you can’t disinfect your farm machinery properly, consider delaying listing it until you can.
Working in farming safely during coronavirus
All employers must protect people from harm, this includes taking reasonable steps to protect workers and anyone else on site from coronavirus.

Employers should undertake a COVID-19 risk assessment which will help manage risk and protect people on construction sites.

The government has released specific guidance for those working in the farming industry you can access this here.