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8 Things To Look Out For When Buying A Tractor

1. Engine
Given that it powers your entire piece of kit, you could say the engine is pretty essential. High-power farming jobs require a model with impressive horsepower and a diesel engine. For gentler tasks, however, lower horsepower and a gasoline model should work.
2. Tyres
Tyres also matter a great deal as they give your machine traction. While there’s nothing wrong with traditionally air-filled options, farmers working in adverse conditions might want to consider specialised anti-freeze-filled options and the like for longevity and continued use.
3. Headlights
When you’re working late or early, you need full visibility from your tractor. Even if you don’t often work after dusk, you’ll need something to guide you through fog and dreary days! Front-facing, high-beam headlights should, therefore, also be a consideration.
4. Transmission
Like your engine, transmission makes a massive difference to performance. Most notably, you’ll need to choose between:

- Hydrostatic transmissions with foot pedals
- Synchro-shift transmissions with a control stick

Foot pedals are best for easy driving, while control sticks are ideal for maintaining speed. The right choice comes down to your unique applications and experience levels.
5. Power take-off (PTO)
Located at the rear of your tractor, the PTO spinning shift provides power to attachments such as hay balers. Often complete with a separate horsepower, considering the capabilities of a tractor’s PTO is vital for making sure you choose a model fit for purpose. High horsepower is always best for farmers who do a lot of baling or mowing.
6. Hitches
Speaking of equipment, you’re also going to need a tractor with hitches. These attachments come in a range of models, from three-point hydraulic lifts to specialist front-end options. Again, your decision should come down to what you're going to use your farm machinery for.
7. Hydraulics
Tractors utilise hydraulics in a variety of ways. As mentioned, they can apply to hitches. There’s also such a thing as hydraulic-power steering. Look out for these features to make sure your tractor provides the smoothest possible working experience.
8. Rollover protective structure
Finally, you need to protect yourself and your team members by seeking a tractor with a rollover protective structure. This should be evident in any modern model and can go a long way towards protecting any driver should your tractor ever roll or flip during a farming process.
Buying the ideal tractor might seem daunting to begin with, but it’s not the challenge you might expect. In fact, keeping an eye out for these critical components should be all it takes to see you investing in a quality piece of equipment without fail.

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