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8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Quad Bike For Your Farm

Quad bikes aren't just for fun: they're a vital tool that enables farmers to do their work. With quad bikes, farmers can go off-road, traverse fields, check up on livestock, and quickly nip from one part of their land to another. They're an indispensable tool.

Before buying a quad bike for your farm, make sure that you ask yourself the following questions.
1. Can I Take My Quad Bike On The Public Highway?
You can drive a quad bike on private land all day long with no licenses, insurance or additional paperwork. But if you want to drive it on the public highway, you'll need to make sure that you have a full driving licence. Despite being called "bikes," the DVLA treats quad bikes as four-wheeled vehicles, meaning that they come under the same licensing rules as cars.
2. Do I Need To Put Registration Plates On My Quad Bike?
Again, if you only plan on using your quad bike on private land, you don't need registration plates. If, however, you take it on the public roads, then you'll need to register with the DVLA and get them to send you some appropriate reg plates.
3. Do I Need An MOT?
If you're buying a quad bike new, then you won't need an MOT until it's three years old, just as with a regular motor vehicle. If, however, you're buying second hand, you'll need to find out how old the vehicle is and when it last had an MOT.
4. What Model Do I Need?
Quad bikes all look similar to the untrained eye. But manufacturers have put in substantial effort diversifying their offering and providing bikes for different niches. The type of bike you choose, therefore, will depend on the kind of things you want to do with it.
Farmers use quad bikes for all kinds of things: transporting them across muddy fields, pulling small loads, and for forestry purposes. If you're not sure about which model you need, browse quads on our site and get intouch with the dealer to get their advice, they will be more than happy to help.
5. How Many People Can Use My Quad Bike?
Quad bikes appear quite large (mainly because of the size of their engines), but the vast majority are built to accommodate one person and one person only. You might be tempted to put another person on the back, but we wouldn't advist this as it's not safe.
6. Who Can Drive My Quad Bike?
Quad bikes might seem like a lot of fun and simple to drive, but they are dangerous vehicles which take training and experience to master. Novice quad bikers can fall off, leading to severe injuries.
If you are planning on using one of these machines on your farm, ensure that everyone you want to be able to use it knows how to do so safely. Remember, it's illegal for children under the age of 13 to drive quad bikes, even on private property.
7. Do I Own The Necessary Safety Equipment?
Quad bikes can be dangerous (just like pedal cycles and motorbikes) so you need to ask yourself whether you have the necessary safety equipment.
Quad bike riders need a full-face helmet at the very least, and preferably knee and elbow guards.
8. How Will I Keep My Quad Bike Safe?
Quad bikes are valuable pieces of equipment that are easy to transport but they are a hot target for thieves. Keeping your quad bike safe is a priority.
Criminals regularly trespass on farm property, looking for opportunities to steal. A quad bike is a substantial prize because thieves can quickly sell it on second-hand. Before you buy a quad bike, think about where you will lock it away when not in use.
Quad bikes (also sometimes called All Terrain Vehicles) are a vital investment for many farmers, helping them to do their work more productively and efficiently. However, just as with buying any vehicle, there are many factors to consider.
According to data from HSE, there are more than 1,000 people injured on quad bikes every year, despite the relatively small number of total vehicle miles. In other words, you're much more likely to be injured on a quad bike than for practically any other mode of transport. The main concern for farmers, therefore, should be safety. If you buy a quad bike, how are you going to keep yourself and other people who use it free from injury? If you can overcome that problem, you can start experiencing the many benefits owning an ATV brings.

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