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5 Facts Farmers Can No Longer Ignore About Drones

The early days of drone technology are now behind us. In the past drones were difficult to use, control and were completely unreliable. They were certainly not suitable for use in an industry or business setting, today things have changed.

In 2019 Drones are more advanced than ever and they are completely affordable. You won’t have to take an extra mortgage out on your home to afford a high-quality drone that operates on the cloud and utilises advanced analytics. You might have been put off introducing drones into your farming business model before. This article is sure to convince you why it’s time to change your tune. Just take a look at some of the facts about drones farmers can’t ignore any longer.
1. They’re Accessible
Drone systems with camera equipment for farming used to cost as much as forty thousand. Today, it’s possible to get the same type of equipment for less than two! That’s a crazy saving and it does show how quickly this type of technology is evolving. Of course, if you want to spend more you can get even more advanced drones today, some of which that can fly on automated schedules. It just depends on how much you’re willing to invest.
2. Drones Are Totally Reliable
Remember when you could never rely on a drone to provide a quality image or video? It was quite common for no images to be processed at all. Well issues like that are now problems of the past because the latest software has improved the reliability of drones and allowed them to operate on cloud platforms. You can even use mobile apps to check feeds on the go.
3. You Can Access Seamless Image Stitching
Problems with software also used to mean the issues with image stitching were common. This means that it will be difficult to get a clear idea of an area being surveyed. However, these days, holes like this are far less common and software is once again more reliable. You really can get a clear view of how your crops are performing without scouting the fields yourself.
4. The Possibilities Are Endless
You might be wondering how you will use a drone on your farm. Well, there are a range of options now available to you here. For instance, you can use it for pest control. When you’re operating on the ground, it’s difficult to know how significant a pest problem is. With a drone, you gain a fresh perspective and you will be able to identify what the pests are as well as where they are. This can help you develop the right solution.
It’s just one example of how drones now provide farmers with far more information than they could access before. For instance, you’ll be able to find everything from drainage issues to know when you should harvest. It completely removes guessing from the business model.
5. You Can Use Drones Off Season
Finally, you might think that drones are only useful during the growing season. This isn’t true at all. A drone can help you plan and prepare for how you’re going to use the land and allow you to get ready for the growing season. You’ll know what condition the planting land is in and what work needs to be done before you can move forward with the schedule for that season.