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4 ways to sell your farm machinery fast...

Are you sitting on a pile of money and you don’t know it? A Classic Ford County Tractor recently sold for a record-breaking £94,500, imagine if one of those was lying around your yard! We don’t want you to miss out so we’ve created some top tips on how to make money from your old machinery.

We know lots of farmers leave their old machinery clogging up their yard once they’ve bought a replacement. Old machinery won’t be just costing you space, it could also be costing you money too.
The most expensive piece of used machinery on our site at the moment is priced at £280,000. With this money you could buy you an average UK house and still have enough money for a brand new Jag left over too.
1. Sell your farm machinery on Auto Trader Farm for just £22.50
Why not advertise your old machinery to an audience of over 160,000 potential customers every single month for just under £25?
List your advert now .
2. Sell your farm machinery to your local dealer.
Use our national dealer directory. to find farm machinery dealers close to you. Get in contact with your local dealer, who’ll make you a part-exchange or cash offer for your item.
3. Auction your farm machinery
Instead of trying your luck at any old machinery auction, why not visit our auction partners page where you can see a list of reputable auctioneers who have decades of experience selling a wide range of used farm machinery.
4. Sell your farm machinery for parts/accessories
If you’ve got machinery that isn’t in the best of shape, it’s likely you’ll still get something for it if you sell it for parts or accessories. It all adds up!
We hope you have found this article useful. If you have farm machinery to sell on a regular basis, give our team a call on 0330 303 9002 to explore your Auto Trader Farm adveristing options.