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4 Ways To Avoid The Winter Woes With Your Farm Equipment

Most notably, farmers have to think about keeping livestock both alive and happy once cold weather sets in. Sadly, the challenges don’t end there. As winters get worse, farmers are also finding that farm equipment needs a little attention to guarantee smooth processes come the busy spring period. The question is, how exactly can you keep your farm machinery safe during winter, too?
Do your research when buying
Taking care when buying farm machinery is always vital, but never is that more the case than with winter care. Being aware of specific care instructions for every piece of equipment you own or buy is vital for ongoing operations during and after winter. Even when buying second-hand, always make sure a seller can provide model details and manufacturer guides to guarantee you get care right every year.
Keep things clean
You’ll need to keep all equipment clean if you want to get straight up and running come spring. This is especially the case for machinery that’s headed for storage. One piece of grit left on an engine could, after all, lead to moisture or corrosion that causes fire or total failure on spring startup.

To avoid this, always use a power washer or similar to wash the exteriors of your machines. Given the risk of rodents when grains and other foods are left inside machinery, you should also turn your cleaning prowess to interiors to avoid chewed wiring, etc. Only then can you rest easy that long-term storage is safe.
Machinery maintenance
As your tasks wind down for winter, machinery maintenance is also vital. During your cleaning, make a note of any issues or repairs that will need addressing before spring. Take this time, too, to take care of more standard seasonal maintenance, including:

- Fluid top-ups
- Lubrication where necessary
- Inflating tyres
- Loosening belts
- Charging batteries

These are small jobs you should have time for now, but they make a massive difference to how well machines run during much busier times.
Invest ready for winter
Remember, too, that not all your machinery will be in storage. You’ll still need to use essentials like tractors for ongoing winter operations. Often, ensuring that you’re able to use these pieces all year round means investing in winter-based additions. Antifreeze-filled tyres for your tractor, for instance, are a must. Equally, stocking parts, including new belts, hoses, and batteries now means guaranteed usage and safety in even the worst snowfalls.
A final word
Keeping farm equipment safe during winter is, undeniably, rife with challenges. Just like with livestock, you’ll want to consider decent storage as well as implementing the points above. But, when you make time for the tips mentioned, you ensure farm machinery stays safe come rain, shine, or even snow!

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